Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Mrs Bale awoke...

... to 10 inches of snow!!

The daffs in the blog header were in front of the stone planter. Good thing we picked them!
Poor lilacs. I went out with a broom and got the heavy snow off. They sprung back so I'm hoping they are alright.
Lilac buds
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  1. Unbelievable!!! It really snows during spring?

  2. Hi Nan: Now that is what I call a very nasty surprise. I hope you have a spring thaw very soon.

  3. Look at that! And we have topped 90 already this week. Not today, which is about 79 right now, but we will be over 90 by the weekend. Amazing!!

  4. When I saw this one the news I wondered who of my blogging buddies would get hit with this snow...SORRY!!! But I'm very glad you picked the flowers ahead of time...they're beautiful! Who knows, maybe you'll experience 80 degree temps this weekend!

  5. Oh no!!! My heart would break! It fact it feels broken on your behalf right now. I'm so glad you picked some of those gorgeous daffs in anticipation of the snow.

  6. I thought about you this morning, Nan, when I heard about the snow to the north of us here in Boston. I hope the lilacs do bounce back!!

  7. You are darned right it is a good thing you picked your daffs. They look beautiful in that crock. No wonder Mrs Bale looks like she is screaming. What a mess. I hope it doesn't last too long. It got cool here last night but nothing like this. I would faint if I got up to 10" of snow now. ha...

  8. I can't believe it!!!!!! That seems impossible!!!

  9. You may not want to hear this but the pictures are so beautiful and serene. But I'm sure you would rather be looking at you spring flowers and your lilacs. I'll pray for a heat wave to come your way.

  10. Oh no Nan-NOT SNOW!!!! I'm glad the lilacs are ok. Hopefully this snow won't last long.

  11. Oh, my! I heard about your spring surprise on the nwes this morning! I hope your lilacs survive being dumped upon by the icy paratroopers.
    It does look beautiful though. :)

  12. I hope your lilacs are OK. I can't imagine springtime without them. They have the most beautiful smell in the world, I think. I don't have any on my property, so I have to "borrow" them. If you see a crazy lady sniffing at lilacs on the edge of someone else's yard, that's me.

  13. Wow!!! So late in April, you may not want to hear this -- but it is really beautiful when it snows like that! Of course, I was grumbling about the smattering we got here...

  14. Oh, no!!!! As much as you love winter, does this bother/annoy you? I think I'd cry. ;)

    77 here today with strong, gusty winds.

  15. Yowza! I heard on the news this morning that some areas North got snow - but this is SNOW! Stay toasty, Nan.

  16. Beautiful pictures, but not so much fun in April.

  17. Oh my goodness! I can't believe that snow! In April!!! My jaw dropped!

    I'd love to be entered in your giveaway Nan, thank you!

  18. I am in shock! Wow! That is alot of snow and to think it was so warm and sunny several days before...Be flexible, anything can happen!
    According to scientists, it is called the Poor Man's Fertilizer, bringing moisture and nitrogen into the soil!
    Sure looks pretty though!
    Is it melted yet?
    Take care,

  19. And to think that I complained about a mere sprinkling! I hope there was not too much damage.

  20. Thank you all for leaving a note. Mrs Bale does love the attention. :<) The snow melted a lot yesterday, and today with sunshine, and rain coming later, it will be all gone in no time. The lilacs seem fine, as do the robins and crows. And I have to say, that I'm such a winter girl that I didn't mind the snow. It is truly my element (as long as I don't have to worry about my family driving in it).

    Ah, yes, my Hawaiian friend, Gigi!! :<)

    Erin, crazy but not unexpected. :<)

    Donna, just what Mrs Bale loves to talk about!

    Kay, I'm shaking my head in amazement. :<) We're supposed to be in the 70s in a couple days.

    Staci, the daffs bring sunshine into the kitchen, despite the outside weather.

    Colleen, my heart didn't break, as long as the lilac branches didn't!

    Lisa, the container is actually an old pitcher of my late aunt's. It makes a great vase for about thirty daffs!

    Marcia, I'm so touched that you thought of me! Lilacs seem fine.

    Laura, ah, all weather is possible here - sometimes in the same day. :<)

    Margot, I just wrote about this above. I do love the snow, no matter when it comes. And this time of year, I know it won't last a minute.

    Diane, crazy indeed, but not surprising. It seems to have been a mountain storm and the rest of the state didn't get it at all. Ah, weather!

    Sherri, lilacs seem fine and the snow stopped soon yesterday, turning into a nice drizzle that washed it away.

    Madrekarin, it was beautiful, and thankfully it wasn't an ice storm - just heavy snow that I could brush off quite easily. Lilacs seem fine.

    Karen, I love them, too. You ought to plant one in your yard! On Arbor Day which is tomorrow!

    Nan, I did enjoy it. Really. I love snow. And this time of year it doesn't stay. We've lost so much already.

    Les, no it didn't bother me, as long as I could get the snow off the lilacs. I know, I'm hopeless. :<)

    Susan, I did. The woodstove was cozy as can be. And really it wasn't very cold out. The snow melted away quite quickly. We just have a bit left. Amazing!

    Carolyn, I'm fond of all weather. I wouldn't make it in a climate that didn't change much. :<)

    Bookssnob, I put your name on the list. I mentioned to someone recently that Rosemunde Pilcher has a book called Snow in April - and the setting is Scotland!

    Joanne, my grandfather said the same thing, poor man's manure! It has melted a lot. Snow in April doesn't stay. Tom calls it a reprise of winter.

    Commonweeder, I don't think there's any damage. It came and went so quickly. Today it is bright and sunny, with rain forecast for later.

  21. Wow, there is just something so wrong about photos like this when it is nearly May!! I hope it melts soon. At least you picked your lovely daffs!

  22. Danielle, I've got pictures of snow on daffs in May! Not so much of a snowfall as this one though!

  23. See what I mean, Nan? Your ten inches on Wednesday was the merest whisper of a dusting where I am, and my five feet in late February didn't touch you at all! It just goes to show that even the hills of the Northeast are many landscapes, not one. I still love them all ... glad yours have reverted to spring.

  24. Look at all this snow!! Wow totally unbelievable!!



  25. I'm sure we'll find that the weather in Kentucky has its down moments, but we are so enjoying this first spring here and planting the first real garden we've had in 12 years. Each flowering tree or shrub, each discovered plant in the dooryard has filled me with enthusiasm. Now, if only I can find the physical stamina to carry out all the wonderful projects that come to mind!

  26. Beautiful pictures. You just have to forget it's supposed to be spring.

  27. Oh my goodness, that's a shock. But you are high up, aren't you?
    We had tulips in snow one year, but not lilac.
    I love the violets.

  28. Annette, I'm so glad you left a note here! You are right about the weather. While we got this most recent storm, towns north and south of us even half an hour away got your dusting. It is all gone now.

    Beverly, not a sight you see, is it??! :<)

    Morning's Minion, I am so very happy for you. I know what you mean about the strength - I find doing a little at a time works quite well.

    Carolyn, spring has sprung again now - all the snow is gone. That should be it till fall!

    Susie, yes. We're in the mountains here. Sometimes that means we get storms and other times we are protected from them. Go figure!


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