Saturday, March 27, 2010

Saturday Sally/March 27

Sally: a brief journey; an excursion or trip.

Hop in this great old car, and we'll sally forth to some interesting places I've come across this week. You may learn what the Saturday Sally idea is all about here; and for other Sallies you may look on the sidebar under Letter Topics.

My first stop is a fantastic weekly event at Karen's blog called 'Seen on the Subway.' She notes readers and books she has observed while riding the New York City subway. I am fascinated by these little vignettes and think you will be too.

If you haven't read Sharon Lovejoy's books, or haven't seen her blog, please visit Little Acorn Learning and read a wonderfully detailed interview with her. You will enjoy meeting Sharon if you haven't, and will learn more if you already know her. A really tremendous piece with great pictures, too.

If you are an Agatha Christie fan, or if you want to know more about her books, there's a fun and informative blog called, fittingly, The Agatha Christie Reader. The explanation about it is here. The sidebar offers such categories as the various decades, country house, poison, etc. giving the reader an easy way to explore Christie's work.


  1. Nan, thanks for the headsup about the Agatha Christie blog. What fun. Almost like reading the books again by reading the posts. I will enjoy it!

  2. Kay, Isn't it just a great site! I love it!

  3. Two-tone paint, chrome, whitewalls and fender skirts...let's go! :)

    - Jeff

  4. Loved the Seen on the Subway. What original ideas people have for their blogs!

    (This should have been a cookery comment - the word verification is dunflan!)

  5. Jeff, that's so great! My father sold Pontiacs and I heard those words all my life.

    Scriptor S., how very nice to see your name in my comments again! So glad things are going well. What is a flan anyway?? And her 'seen on the subway' really is a great topic. So interesting, always different.

  6. Hi Nan, a flan is a cooked pudding/cake kind of thing, a mixture of egg and other ingredients, boiled in a special flan form in a big pot with hot water. It comes in many variations, but mostly sweet like a dessert, and shapes; round, heart-shaped etc. The most classic looks like this:

    Love the idea of posting about people's reading material on public transport! I see a lot of that every day, too :-)

  7. thanks, Nan, for the link to Seen on the Subway ... love it, and I'll be following it regularly ... I may start riding the buses to check out what folks are reading (we don't have subways), but our two-decker buses are usually packed.

    I think a flan is a custard, baked in a flattish dish - the ones I've seen have carmelized sugar topping - scrumptious

  8. Thank you, Librarian! I'll check out the link. I'm always reading the word in English books. You ought to start your own feature about what you see people reading. I think it is so very interesting.

    Janice, you'll really enjoy it! Maybe you could begin your own observations, too!
    Thanks for the flan info. It's hard for me to imagine. I'm going to look up the link Librarian sent me.


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