Thursday, March 4, 2010

Beatrix Potter A Journal

13. Beatrix Potter
A Journal
nonfiction, 2006
finished, 3/4/10

This is the most beautiful book I own. What a lovely idea to put together Beatrix Potter's words with facsimiles of diary entries, letters, cards, and drawings.

An envelope

and the letter inside

We read of the inspiration for Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle

and then see Miss Potter's drawing

This is a most wonderful book, and I highly recommend buying it for your own collection. It begins in 1882 when Beatrix began her diary, and it goes right through to her time in the Lake District when she marries William Heelis in 1913. Each page is full of images that relate to each other. When she says, 'At last I have a success to report. I decided that I should make a grand effort in the way of Christmas cards,' we see those cards. When she writes of Mr. Warne's nieces, we see their photograph. And it looks like a real scrapbook, being 11 1/2 by 10 inches in size. It is most appealing to the eye, and informative about the author. It is simply a treasure. I first heard of this book from Heidi and then I read about it on Janice's blog.

This is my third book for the You've Got Mail Reading Challenge.

More about Beatrix Potter at Letters from a Hill Farm here.


  1. I absolutely love Beatrix Potter♥ I have to get that book!

  2. Julie, I could have guessed!

    Erin, you will love it, I promise.

  3. Yes I have it too and other very good biographies. I grew up on Beatrix Potter, as did our children and I cannot bear to part with all those little books. And at the Malvern Autumn Flower Show this year a group of primary school children had recreated part of 'Mr McGregor's Garden', Peter Rabbit and all, so BP's work still enthralls. Let me know if you'd like a pic (of the show garden).

  4. Hi Nan: Oh, this looks like a truly beautiful book, a real keepsake. I shall have to have a look for it, when I next visit a bookshop.

  5. I've read one biog from a few years ago, and I own the new one but haven't read it yet. I'm always fascinated by her life and her work, both the art and the farming/land preservation. What an amazing woman. I would very much like to see the picture! Thanks for offering.

    Donna, you will love it.

  6. I love Beatrix Potter! What a lovely diary! Thanks for sharing.

  7. Oh, thanks so much for showing us this lovely book! I still have a 2004 calendar in my kitchen. It's a Beatrix Potter one that I can't bear to take down. Those drawings of hers are just the best. Kay Guest

  8. Now this one looks like one I would really enjoy.

  9. It is beautiful!!!! I love her drawings!

  10. What a beautiful book...I must have it...and how fortuitous that I am visiting amazon tonight.

  11. I'm looking forward to getting this! It will be nice to have it just in time for spring.

  12. that looks like its a beautiful book Nan

  13. Nan, you are such a bad, bad influence on me! Straight to Amazon I went, seconds later there is a copy of this winging its way to Gloucestershire.
    I still have all the dear little Potter books from my childrens' childhood, I had hoped to read them to my grandchildren, but as they live in a different hemisphere that would be difficult.

  14. Kay, I feel the same way. I love the work and the woman. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a note.

    Lisa, ah yes, you would. One of the things that open is a drawing of a Peter Rabbit board game. It's just adorable

    Staci, and I only showed a tiny bit of its beauty!

    Book Psmith, isn't it great that amazon is open all hours?!

    Alison and Val, this is just your kind of book!

    Carole, you are so funny! Sad about the grandchildren so far away. I've been gradually buying some of the ones I didn't read to my kids for myself.

  15. Oh, wow, does this ever look tempting and gorgeous! I want it!!

  16. I own this book as well (beautiful!) and would love to one day visit the Lake District and her home!
    Thanks for reminding me!
    Joanne in Ontario

  17. Tara, it is truly beautiful. You will love it.

    Joanne, I'm not surprised you have this book!


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