Monday, March 29, 2010

In remembrance of Elspeth Thompson

Perhaps you have seen the name Elspeth Thompson on my 'over the oceans' bloglist. She had also just begun a new one which I added to 'mostly gardens' called Gardening Against the Odds.

If you visit either of her blogs this day, you will find the saddest news written by her husband: for Elspeth Thompson is dead. She lived a life that seemed so full of joy and beauty. I shall sorely miss her words. I'm so very sorry for her family and her friends.

There is an obituary here.

And a beautiful tribute here.


  1. This is just so incredibly sad.
    Depression like that must be a monster.
    May she rest in peace.

  2. How very very sad! I have just finished reading her book 'The Wonderful Weekend Book' and it was so inspiring, I loved it.
    This is really sad news.

  3. I've been reading Elspeth's gardening column for years, Nan, and had started to enjoy her blog. It's such a sad, sad thing to happen.

  4. Nan,

    Though I've never read Elspeth words, I feel as if I should know her -- after reading the tribute and her obituary -- her passions and my own are so interconnected.

    What a loss for the world. My condolences to you and all others left behind who cared for her.


  5. Nan, I think everyone is stunned by this news.

  6. So sad, so very sad. She and I shared a birthday, I now discover. All that beauty around her and what sounds like such a creative life . . . we can never know the hearts of others, I guess. Special thoughts for her and her family tonight.

  7. Of all the blogs I read, you are the only person who has mentioned Elspeth Thompson. I read her obit in yesterday's Daily Telegraph (here in the UK) and was very much saddened to hear of her death (by her own hand, whilst depressed.) An excellent gardening writer and by all accounts a lovely lady.

  8. Thank you for doing that for us.
    All of our heartfelt thoughts go out to her family.

  9. Thank you for writing. If you wish, you may leave a note on her husband's posts on the two blogs.

  10. What an exquisitely beautiful woman, writer, gardener, and photographer. Just now read some of her writing - and her tribute. I was a bit shocked at the circumstances of her death - she seemed so positive, so aware of life around her.

    Thank you for leading me to her - I must read more...

    - Jeff

  11. I didn't know.
    That is a loss. Reading now to find out how she did so young.

  12. Such a young vibrant woman, how terribly sad. The tribute by her friend was one of the most beautiful I have ever read.

  13. Susan, thank you for seeking out the post. It is so dreadfully sad.


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