Saturday, September 19, 2009

Saturday Sally/September 19

Sally: a brief journey; an excursion or trip.

Hop in this great old car, and we'll sally forth to some interesting places I've come across this week. More about what this Saturday Sally idea is here; and for other Sallies you may look on the sidebar under Letter Topics.

Let's see, how did I come across this first place? I saw a bit of one of my favorite movies the other day on the Independent Film Channel - The Winter Guest. Have you seen it? 1997 film starring Phyllida Law and her daughter, Emma Thompson. I went searching to find out more about Phyllida Law, who I think is one of the best actresses of our time, and came upon this great, great exhibit of photographs of older women. Many you will probably recognize like Vanessa Redgrave, Judi Dench, Maggie Smith, and Harriet Walter, who is behind this project. You may also see Mary Quant, whom I just listed the other day in the Kinks 'Where Are They Now' post.

There has been a lot of press lately about Vera Lynn, the famous singer whose recording of We'll Meet Again was the song in the hearts of all soldiers and those who missed them during the Second World War. At 92 years old, she is the oldest person to have an album, her new, 'We'll Meet Again, the Very Best of Vera Lynn', at the top of the British album charts. It contains 49 songs! And it probably won't surprise you to know that I've bought it. A couple of my all-time favorite songs are there: A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square and The White Cliffs of Dover. Here is a video of her singing to the troops. It made me cry to hear those boys singing right along with her. I wonder how many of our fathers or grandfathers saw just such a performance all those years ago.

For the third stop, how can I pass up a mention of the new Dan Brown book? Sarah Weinman has a lot of interesting things to say here. I had called the library and was put on a long list when I decided to buy it from my local independent bookstore instead. The first crop of books had sold out but they expect another shipment today. They'll call me. All other reading will be put on hold.


  1. Marvellous photographs Nan, where do you find all these links? I think Phillida Law looks wonderful now, she was widowed so young, but keeps on working she must be in her mid-seventies now, as are Dames Judy and Maggie.
    I think it is very apt that Vera Lynne is topping the charts now, with all the loss of life in Afghanistan. A voice associated with hope.
    Can't agree with you on the Dan Brown, sorry, maybe I am just a snob, but no.

  2. You're right, Nan, that video made me cry. Your blog is such a wonderful place for me because I know I'll always find something about a book I want to read or a time that makes me nostalgic. Thank you for every single post.

  3. We call them rambles. We took a long, long ramble today all the way to St. Johnsbury to attend a festival of traditional crafts. Then we rambled down the river visiting farm stands.

  4. I'm on the library list too for Dan Brown's new book. There are two lists -419 on the regular list and 66 on the large print list. I hopped on the large print list yesterday at no.24

    Large print lists seem always to be shorter, and I can't think why

    I'm packing up boxes of books to donate to the library and to the community thrift store. Spring cleaning in September

  5. Can't listen to that song without thinking of Dr. Strangelove...but that's me... :)

    - J.

  6. Oooooo.... that sounds like a lot of fun. I might have to just get out there and buy that Dan Brown book, too. I've read every one of his books. I'm not sure I can wait for our library to get it.

  7. Carole, it just popped up as a search result for PL. I think she is so beautiful. Every time she is on the screen she lights it up. She is 77 now. I heard VL on the radio and she said something about supporting the troops even if one doesn't support the reason they are there. Oh, I know about Dan B. I really do. But I can't help myself. I really liked the Da Vinci Code. :<)

    Clair, you've made my day with your kind, kind words. Thank you so much for taking the time to write.

    Sarah, can you click on 'view my complete profile' and then click on the email contact? I want to tell you something!

    Janice, that's a lot of people! I occasionally get a large print book when I order through the Inter Library Loan program, and I'm not so fond of them. They often have sort of generic covers and I feel a little disoriented by the print which is so different from other books.

    Jeff, do you believe it? I've never seen that movie. Well, I have seen parts but so didn't like it. :<)

    Kay, that's how I felt. And it's fun for me to be part of a popular book interest - it happens so seldom. :<)

  8. Just say the name Vera Lynn and I get choked up. Such a WWII memory--and I was only about two years over. I know all the words from The White Cliffs of Dover. Thanks for printing this.

  9. Really sweet. A side question - have you ever had your blog just change? Suddenly my "about me" and blog links are all underneath my blog posts and nothing I do seems to bring it all back up.
    That Dan Brown book does look great - he was interviewed on The Today Show and all his research sounds really fascinating.

  10. I really liked The Da Vinci Code, too, but I have absolutely no interest in this new one. I wasn't wowed by Angels & Demons, although I did finish it. I think I enjoyed The Da Vinci Code because of my interest in art history. Rod's reading the new one and says it's ok. Not well-written and probably over-hyped. I'll be interested to see what you think. I have to say I was a bit surprised that you plan to read it. Doesn't seem like your cuppa. ;)

  11. Mary Lois, my mum used to walk around the house singing so many of these songs. I love them.

    Susan, I went over to see what you meant, and I have no idea. Can you try going to 'edit layout' and seeing how it looks there, and then rearranging??

    Les, I went back to my book review of The Da Vinci Code from 2003, and it said, 'a recommendation from Les' - isn't that great?! I loved that book. And I am very interested in the Masons so I am incredibly eager to read the new one. I don't expect great writing from a thriller type of book. I like the details and adventure and pace.


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