Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Agatha Christie books and short stories

Jane Marple

A Pocket Full of Rye, 1953 - Jane Marple
4:50 from Paddington, 1957 (didn't review) 

A Caribbean Mystery, 1964 - Jane Marple
At Bertram's Hotel, 1965 - Jane Marple

Hercule Poirot

Poirot's Early Cases, 1974 - short stories
I gave up on The Murder of Roger Ackroyd. I just didn't like it.
The Big Four, 1927 
Dumb Witness, 1937 
Evil Under the Sun, 1941 (didn't review) 
The Hollow, 1946 

Non-series books

Short Stories and Novellas in alphabetical order

Dead Man's Mirror - novella, 1937 - Hercule Poirot

The Case of the Missing Will, 1924 - Hercule Poirot

The Tuesday Night Club, 1932 - Jane Marple

Sanctuary, 1954 - Jane Marple

Wasps' Nest, 1929 - Hercule Poirot

In which we meet Hercule Poirot: first appearance of the great detective.


  1. I've read quite a few of these-I love Agatha Christie!

  2. Have you written about any on your blog Sherri? I'd love to know what you thought of them.

  3. I'm so glad you joined the AC Readers Challenge. I've been in for a few months and it's been fun to read about what everyone has read this month. I've been trying to read one a month. Plus I'm trying to read them in the order in which Ms. Christie published them. It's been very interesting. I look forward to reading your thoughts on these great mysteries.

  4. Thank you, Margot! I'm not sure if it was clear, but you may click on any of the colorful titles to see my 'book report.'

  5. I've never read a Christie book but my library is doing a book club next month with one and I'm going to join in!!!

  6. Love your white phlox header photo!

  7. Sounds fun Nan,An Agatha Christie was one of the first grown up books I read as a young teen and I was hooked...I think I have them all and they are well comfort food they are comfort books (with no calories)I must focus and try and write a review or two I'm off now to have a nice time finding out what you think sofar! ..Off the cuff favourites that come to mind are "The Sittaford Mystery" "The Pale Horse" "A Murder is announced" "The Moving Finger" The Harley Quin short stories... gosh this could get too long...Val

  8. Staci, which one??

    Nancy, thanks so much. I took about a million pictures before I liked one well enough to put up. :<)

    Val, I haven't read the titles you mentioned, and look forward to them. That's the nice thing about AC, there are lots of books!

  9. Were you the one who said her autobiography was terrific? I keep meaning to read it (and Julia Child's memoir) but my backlog of books is wicked long at this point.

  10. I love Agatha Christie, too. I should go back and read some of her books again.

  11. Kay, there are so many I've never read!

  12. The BBC broadcast this today
    "Crime writer Val McDermid listens to recordings made by Agatha Christie which have never before been broadcast.

    A panel of guests, including dramatist Kevin Elyot, biographer Laura Thompson, archivist John Curran, who has recently deciphered Christie's notebooks, director Enyd Williams and writer Michael Bakewell, discuss their approach to dramatising her novels for TV and radio and the light that these recordings shed on Christie's working methods."
    and they make it available to listen to here for 7 days
    Might be worth a listen Val


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