Saturday, September 12, 2009

Saturday Sally/September 12

Sally: a brief journey; an excursion or trip.

Today's Saturday Sally finds me traveling in a few different directions.

One is to the site of a relatively new-to-me search engine called bing. There is a different photograph every day. Within each photo are little hidden squares, found by running your cursor over the picture. You may click these squares to find out more information about that day's subject.

The second stop is a great idea for a blog. It is Dear Literary Ladies. Readers and writers will love this.

My last sally for this week is a visit to a blog which highlights the old mysteries. It is called Classic Mysteries, and you may listen to once-a-week podcasts of reviews.


  1. Nan, have a great time riding Sally around!

  2. I just added Literary Ladies and Classic Mysteries to the blogs I follow. Thank you for directing me to them.

  3. That looks like my mother in that car! LOL what a wonderful picture! Don't you just love those old photos...I think I will dig up some of my parents...they are the best!

  4. Oh, I like Bing but I LOVE Literary Ladies. What great finds, Nan!

  5. And I thank each of you for writing. This just what I hope for with the 'Saturday Sally!.

  6. Love those Literary Ladies. Love them! I love when you sally forth.

  7. Thank you June, for your words and your enthusiasm!

  8. Oh, good grief! I didn't push all the right buttons to get my comments saved. I'll just say it all again.

    I found you after a 'sally' over at An Adventure in Reading. She lists you as one of her favorite blogs. I can see why.

    Love the Saturday Sally idea. And I love the links. I'm off to visit some of them now.

  9. Thanks so much for coming by, Booklogged, and for your nice words.


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