Friday, September 4, 2009

Today's pictures/Late morning light in early September


  1. My poem for the day:

    Your kitty
    so pretty.


  2. Lovely photographs, isn't the autumn light gorgeous?

  3. Thank you, Lisa. I can't really capture how beautiful it looks. The light is at a different angle in the morning now. It streams right in all the south windows.

    Susan- and Susan is very witty. :<)

    Carole, Thank you. It is. So clear and fresh.

  4. I love these shadowy photos!! And what a gorgeous header, Miss Nan. Beautiful.

  5. Your morning light is beautiful -- and how quickly it is changing!

  6. You are right, Nancy. Every single day I see a difference.

  7. cool pictures in the morning light - good eye, Nan

    Thanks for letting me know about the author headed to Florida, I am located in NW Fl so no where near where he will be but I appreciate you thinking of me and letting me know!



  8. Thanks, Jeaneen. Sorry you aren't close to where Tomie will be.


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