Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A little bookkeeping

Today I'm going to do a post with all the Agatha Christie books I've read so I can put it on the sidebar under Book Reports. I'd like to have a designated place where I can keep track of which ones I've read, since joining the Agatha Christie reading challenge.


  1. She's got a lot of them to keep track of! I've got a separate list for her also.


  2. Oh, my list-loving pal! I thought of you when I wrote this up today. :<)

  3. Hi Nan:

    This is not related to your post, but I noticed that you live in northern New England. Have you read any of May Sarton's journals or novels? I discovered her for myself last summer when we took a driving trip through NY, VT, NH, and CT. This lovely used bookstore in Woodstock, VT had a whole stack of May Sarton's books and something in my head said "buy them" despite not knowing a thing about her. I particularly like her journals about life in NH and Maine. It certainly makes me want to move north.

  4. Oh, Thomas, yes! I really, really like her. The most recent thing I read was a couple years ago, an audio collection called:

    May Sarton: Excerpts From a Life: Journals and Memoirs

    If you are interested, there's a poem on my blog:

    and a quote du jour:

    I don't own any of her work, and I should. I love the thought of you just picking up an unknown-to-you writer's
    books, buying them, and loving them. The descriptions of her houses and land are so wonderful. I'm going to go order some of her books right now. I need to have them in my house. :<) Thanks for the reminder.

  5. Thanks for the information Nan. The interesting thing about the Sarton pile that I bought is that they were all the old Norton paperbacks which I find so much nicer than later editions. And they had all belonged to a single owner with her name in each volume. I felt like she was passing it along to me, rather than it just being a purchase.

  6. Thomas, what a wonderful story. and thank you for telling me. I just loved it.


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