Thursday, May 19, 2011

Quote du jour/Rachel Peden

An apple tree does not have to justify its existence by bearing fruit. Its fragrance, so delicate that it is almost stronger in memory than in reality, is sufficient. Or the sight of it. Irresistibly you step close enough to inhale from the heart of one bloom, although actually the fragrance is more distinct if you stand back a few steps letting the sun-touched wind bring the perfume to you. No one can ever forget the smell or the sight of a wide spreading apple tree in full bloom.
Rachel Peden (1901-1975)


  1. Beautiful words! I've never heard of Rachel Peden until now. You never cease to put new thoughts, names and ideas my way - thank you for that!

  2. Such a lovely blog site you have created! I've been away from the computer on a trip for a few days so am just now catching up. Lovely, lovely poems, lovely book review of the children's book. Lovely lovely lovely. I'm overworking the word I know, but it seems to be the one that suits your posts best!
    Here's to more lovely writing in future!
    Canadian Chickadee

  3. Librarian, I've just ordered a book by her from amazon. She was a contemporary of 'my' beloved Gladys Taber. She lived on an Indiana farm. Here are some links:

    a PDF here:

    Oh, my gosh, Canadian Chickadee, you are too, too kind. Thank you so very much. You don't know how much this means to me.

  4. I am so enjoying your recent posts! Beautiful images and lovely words. Thanks, Nan!

  5. Our apple tree is this to us. We don't spray or use the apples. The birds and critters enjoy them though.

  6. Les, I'm so glad you've liked them! Thank you.

    Lisa, our old crabapple is full of holes but still keeps on blooming every year.

  7. The poet is new to me as well; beautiful words, perfectly illustrated by you!

  8. Sallie, she is quite new to me as well. Not a poet, but a writer in the same vein as Gladys Taber. I've just bought her first book Rural Free, and like Gladys the book is divided into months. I'm planning to begin with June.

  9. I want to say thank you for writing about my grandmother, Rachel Mason Peden, and introducing her to the readers of your blog. I am sure she would have enjoyed visiting with you. She would have invited you into her kitchen to enjoy a piece of pie made with love and the apples grown on the farm.
    Her third book, Rural Free, has just been made available from the IU press. It's forward is written by Scott Russell Sanders, also a great writer, that calls Monroe County home.
    Merry Christmas!
    Rachel Peden McCarty

  10. Rachel, I am so, so happy you found my blog and wrote me a note. I'm delighted to meet you! I am so enjoying my year-long visit with your grandmother and Gladys Taber. If you want to read about these monthly reports, scroll down to Letter Topics, and click on A Year with Gladys and Rachel. I just bought Rural Free, and I also have The Land, The People. I look forward to reading both. Please do stop by again.

  11. Rachel, if you come back, I goofed in my comment to you! I meant to say I had just bought Speak to the Earth. Rural Free is the book I'm reading month by month and writing about in A Year with Gladys and Rachel. Duh.


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