Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tony Bennett's 84th birthday!

July 17, 2010
Arena Santa Guiliana - Perugia


  1. I like Tony Bennett -- but I would really like him if I could see him in Perugia!

    Your delphinium picture is beautiful, but the way. That is a delphinium, right?

  2. Yes, wouldn't it be just perfection! The flower is a monkshood.

  3. He is sublime, isn't he?
    I saw him once. Sheer perfection.

  4. I like Tony Bennet and I know he is in no way equivalent to Perry Comom and I know you are a really nice person (you'd get my "kindest blogger award") but I also know you have a sense of humor so I'll tell you that post just triggered a memory of an old joke that goes:

    Q: What did they do with Perry Como when he died?

    A: Sent him on tour.

    Ba da bump.


  5. He's a person to inspire us all! Thanks for posting the link! Would love to see him in person as well.

  6. I was pleased to find such a recent video that was so clear! He looks and sounds just great!
    (very funny my initialed friend!)

  7. Gordon Bennett, Tony's 84! Happy Birthday, Tone, you ol' groaner!
    Margaret P

  8. Margaret, I had NO IDEA what you meant by 'Gordon Bennett' - so I looked it up! In case anyone reads and wonders:



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