Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Making of a Home - part 4

There's been lots of progress on Margaret and Matthew's house (see more on sidebar under Letter Topics - The Making of a Home) since the last posting. On some days, there have been builders, electricians, and plumbers all working together. That's the way to get the work done! We are so glad they went with this company, and decided to let it be the general contractor instead of hiring a separate person. These folks know what they are doing. They've built many, many log homes and know the order of work. The photos go from July 27 - August 9.

Dormers and electrical work

The loft area coming together - looking toward east

Upstairs looking toward west - two bedrooms farthest wall; nearer window in bathroom

Cellar stairs

Master bedroom tub and upstairs tub brought in

The porch is on!

Looking east off the porch - living room window
Can you see a bit of a clearing between the trees? That is the lower south pasture. Up from there is the barn and across the road from the barn is our house. It's just about 1/10 mile.

Looking west off the porch - master bedroom window

All the windows and doors are in!

Loft windows and sliding glass doors

The front door

Coming in their own front door

I love this view of the house

Walkin' up the hill to our house

Since these last photos were taken on Monday, a lone electrician has been working down at the house.


  1. Stunning pictures. I want to live there!

  2. It's a dream house! I hope they'll have many happy years there.

  3. It's looking wonderful Nan!! What a great view too and to just be down the road from the parents...nice!!!

  4. This building is so very exciting. I presume they will be 'dried in' by the first of winter? What a wonderful pictorial history of the building of their house. Thank you for sharing with your extended friends.

  5. It's all looking wonderful! I can feel their excitement in the photo :)

    Love the header picture too, by the way.

    Have a lovely weekend

  6. This is so exciting, Nan, and I'm glad you are letting us all experience the progress. What a lovely house and what a lovely setting!

  7. Nan, I love it. Repeating myself - it looks a lot like mine. Only I went with Hardy board. At first thought of log. Wondered about wood bee's attacking it. I know they are coming to my deck.
    A few things I would do different but I am very pleased.
    What a joy to have your daughter so near. Would make my remaining years complete if a child or grandchild would want to build on my property. Do not think that will happen. They are all in the big city.

  8. Vintage Reading - it is the most practical, liveable, and beautiful house I've ever been in.

    Call me madam - yes it is! And I hope that as well.

    Staci - it sure makes us all happy, happy!

    Sherri - it is really coming along!!

    Jill - yes. The original contract said by December 31, but we are all sure it will be sooner. We're hoping for late October or early November. I'm so pleased that my dear readers are enjoying this series. I did want to document it here.

    Niki - isn't that the cutest shot of them?! I'm glad you like the bread! I so love bread and thought it looked beautiful. I plan to do a follow-up post on the bread machine before too long.

    Clair - I'm so pleased you are enjoying the pictures. It really is such a nice place. So well designed -practical and beautiful too.

    Ernestine - you just never know. They may decide the rural life is for them! I am so delighted but never expected it. What on earth are 'wood bees?'

  9. Oh it's just so beautiful! What a wonderful life they will have together. It makes me smile to think of it!

  10. I watch with delight Nan.


  11. It is beginning to look like a home. How exciting. I looooovvvvve the porch. I bet you will have lots of fun times sitting on that porch with them.

  12. The loft! Those windows! The PORCH! (Oh, the porch -- I do hope they will have rocking chairs.) I'll be up next summer for a week. LOL!

  13. I love the picture coming through their own front door! How exciting.

  14. Oh, thank you, Patricia!

    Lisa - it is a wonderful porch!

    Karen - that sounds great! You and I and Margaret can sit and talk books. :<)

    JoAnn - I love that picture too, esp. the expressions on their faces.

  15. The progress is amazing! Love this house building journey you are taking us on...such a joy to watch M&M's home evolving! Beautiful views they will be having and..
    Just down the road from you... What a blessing!
    In anticipation for them,

  16. Meant to say:
    I love your ever-changing header and the bread looks fantastic!
    Thanks for shairng,

  17. Is it safe having a front door with glass window? Someone could break the glass and unlock the door.

    Ah, well, I guess there's less crime there than in Hawaii.

  18. Joanne - it is simply thrilling! And I couldn't resist the bread. :<)

    Gigi - You may see here that our front door has lots more glass!:

    We never lock our doors or windows. Nope, not much crime.

  19. This is so exciting to "watch" from Nebraska! I've built two homes and it's such a thrilling process. Did you know my first husband and I built our house...and on his parent's property? I still have all the photos of that experience.

    I, too, love that wide porch. Rod and I have 4 rocking chairs on ours. I'll join you and Karen and Margaret on her porch for some book talk!

  20. Les, how amazing to have built not only one, but two houses! The great thing in dealing with this company is the lack of stress. The 'kids' come by each day to see what has been done- of course they've talked things over with the builders but mostly that was in the past. They rarely have to make decisions in the day-to-day process. And if they come up with a change it is easy for the fellows to deal with; like deciding they wanted a spotlight out back facing the path into the woods. Now they can see what wildlife is out there. :<) They are having two sets of stairs off the porch which will be nice. I think they want a hammock on it - our kids always loved our porch hammock. We exchanged ours for the porch swing. We also have a table and many chairs, though we can't eat there now because this is where the garlic and onions are drying.

  21. wow, that is just zipping along. It looks so appealing!

  22. Thanks, Susan. It has been quieter down there recently. The electrician has been the only one working.

  23. This is very interesting to me since we've recently been through a renovation and are still doing the finishing.

  24. Kay, I think in some ways it is easier to start from scratch than to do renovations!:<)


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