Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Making of a Home - part 5

Since I had borrowed the camera yesterday to photograph the Kindle, I thought I'd use it to take some pics of Margaret and Matthew's house. There are earlier postings under Letter Topics, 'The Making of a Home.'

Though the work hasn't been so visibly dramatic the past few weeks, it is so exciting! The electrician has been working steadily and there are now plugs and sockets awaiting fixtures. There is insulation being put up every day.

There are ceilings

There are piles of wood everywhere

Looking up from the living room area

Though a bit blurry, this is the view from their porch of a changing maple tree, and another one on the east side of the house.

Margaret and Matthew have begun looking at kitchen cupboards; they bought a ceiling fan which will hang in the loft; they've picked out the refrigerator, stove, and dishwasher. Things are moving along beautifully!


  1. Lots of progress Nan. Do they know when it will be ready for move in? Spring?

  2. Bibliophile, the latest date is December 31, according to the terms of the contract, but we are all thinking late fall. I can't imagine that they won't be in before Christmas.

  3. It makes me so happy to see you are recording this building; what a wonderful record for Margaret and Matthew. I want one just like it complete with the beautiful trees.

  4. This is looking awesome Nan. I love their view big time!!

  5. I hope they have their first christmas in the new house this year. What fun that will be.

  6. Wouldn't Christmas be wonderful in their new house? They must be SO excited.

  7. Hello Nan!! Thanks for sharing the pictures. I couldn't wait to see the house is finished.

    And..just to let you know.. again.. I made carrot cake from your recipe and it was marvelous!! I shared it to my friends and they all have been asking me to make it again. I didn't take a nice picture of it, so I haven't posted it in my blog. Thanks so much. Next time I'll try one of your brownie recipes. Thanks so much for sharing.

    Best wishes from my tropical garden to your farm. :D

  8. I smile as I travel along with you on this home. I wish I had put in a cellar and a wood burning stove. But I can no longer handle the wood like in the past. Everything else is fine for me. It is all I can take care of 1300 sq ft - my area. Then the loft, bedroom, bath and sitting area is probably 800 sq ft. Thought of making mine smaller but with children and grandchildren and hopefully someday my son will take this home.

  9. Nan, the log house is really coming along! How exciting getting to pick out all the cabinets, etc. I love doing that! Once a builder's daughter always a builder's daughter-LOL!

  10. Jill, thank you! It is such a wonderful house!

    Staci, there are trees all over this land! zillions. really.

    Lisa, and Sallie, I hope so, too.

    Jessi, isn't that the BEST cake. I think the pineapple is what makes it great!

    Ernestine, they aren't going to burn wood either. I plan to talk about this in a future posting. stay tuned. :<) You have a dream house!!

    Sherri, has your dad built a home for you in the past??

  11. It is so exciting to watch a house being built. They have made tremendous progress! Can't wait til it's finished.

  12. So excited with you...things are really moving along!
    Hope it is possible for M&M to move in before December....would be such a nice early Christmas gift for them!

  13. Nan - this is a great record. If it were me I'd be panting to be in by Christmas even if it involved some camping out aspects. How wonderful to begin life in a new house with a celebration and a new year.

  14. Joanne and Commonweeder, I so love both your sentiments. Thank you.


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