Saturday, August 7, 2010

Farm and Garden Report - week of August 1

Beginning today, I'm going to change the name of these postings from Farm and Garden Weekly to Farm and Garden Report because as the growing season winds down, there isn't really enough happening to write about each week.

For most of the week, the heat and humidity were just killing me, but then a breeze blew in some lovely cool weather improving my dispostion 100%! I know our temps aren't nearly as high as in other parts of the country but the difference is that we have no air-conditioning in the house. The fans are good as long as you are sitting directly in front of them which of course I can't do all the time. :<)

The total egg count this week was 50.

The big gardening event was harvesting the first yellow beans. Since I don't want to repeat myself, I thought I'd send you here to read more about my beloved yellow beans.

I'm picking, eating, and freezing that Zephyr squash every single day. What a great variety!

We've got lots of green tomatoes, and have had two red ones.

The sweet peas are still so incredible.

Not very clear and precise but I wanted to give you the overall view that I see every day.

The daylilies are almost all gone by. I think that because of the hot July they came earlier than usual and so of course are finished earlier too. I've even got a couple phlox open which doesn't usually happen this early in August.

It's looking a pretty dried out and sad around the garden. It really is time for me to begin to cleanup, and now that the weather is cooler, I will. Here are some views that gardeners rarely post.

The air is quieter these days. I'm not hearing the birds of summer so often. Last evening I was sitting out on the lawn and heard bluejays, chickadees, crows, and crickets. The latter are the singers of August. I heard a loud rustle in the woods close to the house the other day - moose, bear? And each night when we walk out in the north field with the dogs they smell all kinds of fascinating aromas that we can't begin to know. Chet the dog often speaks of what poor noses we humans have. :<) The roadside, so-called 'weeds' are stellar just now. The goldenrod and tansy are so bright and cheerful. I'm a big fan of these flowers.

So now we are in the quiet days of summer; the time between the riot of blooms and the colors of autumn which arrive here by the end of this month. To everything there is a season.


  1. It is sad that the season is so short here for veggies. The photos are lovely Nan.

  2. We have had a slight reprieve from the heat these past few days also Nan. I do so enjoy your Reports. I am often amazed at how different our gardens are. Usually mine being a bit ahead of yours in blooms etc. Today I see that your goldenrod is blooming. Ours hasn't started yet. It won't be long. I hope it stays cool for you. Enjoy those beans, squash and tomatoes.

  3. Are the Zephyrs a two-toned squash? I am planning a garden here (our growing season is in the "other" half of the year) and I think I want those.

  4. Hi Nan! Thanks for updating us on the farm and garden. I know you had alot of daylilies blooming earlier but I was surprised at how many scapes there were all dried up! I pulled all my scape "skeletons" out about 3 weeks ago. I miss them already! Have a great week!

  5. Everything looks good at your place, I love the colours of the daylilies.

    We are looking a little tired garden-wise here too.

    harvesting beans, cukes, zucchini and peas so far. We have lots of green tomatoes, but no red yet.

    Made lots of sweet pickles again today...and spent 6 hours staining the pool deck!

    I'm pooped :)

    Have a blessed Lord's Day

  6. We should swap weather, it has been very rainy here in Wales.

  7. Our first summer in KY has been [still is] so hot and humid that long-time residents are apologizing to us us for such an introduction.
    Natives and new-comers alike we are all moaning about such a bad year for tomatoes.

  8. Beautiful post Nan -- and it doesn't look as if the heat has hurt your garden! We are on a roadtrip heading North (now in North Carolina), so I hope the temperatures moderate a bit. I've just about had enough of heat and humidity.

    Wish I had some of your yellow beans -- we aren't doing well with farmers markets as yet since we left Florida.

  9. I don't mind the short season, Bibliophile, I really don't. Summer is fourth on my list of favorite seasons. :<) I think, too, that it is all I've ever known so it is a part of who I am. I actually wrote about this once, if you happen to come back here and have the slightest interest :<):


    Lisa, and I always, always look forward to your coming by to read them and leave me a note! That is so surprising about the goldenrod, but Tom says it shows how hot it has been here! But I just looked back in the blog and saw pics of it on an August 15th, so I guess we really aren't that far off. The thing that is different is we had more daylilies still blooming. They are really gone now.

    J.G., I left a note for you about the zephyr on the 'today's picture/yellow gold post.

    Sherri, it has been a funny July. I can't believe my beloved daylilies are all gone by. The garlic has been superb tasting this summer.

    Niki, I do miss peas. 6 hours staining!!

    Cait, I would swap any day!!

    Morning's Minion, well you can tell them if you were back in New England it would be much the same!! I'm surprised about the tomatoes.

    Sallie, I haven't seen a yellow bean at a Farmers' Market for ages. Happy cooler weather to you!

  10. I continue to be amazed by your photographs; they are exceptional. Thank you for posting them.
    PS...even the 'seldom seen' parts of the garden ready to be cleared.

  11. Jill, what a very nice thing to say. Thank you for taking the time to leave me a note like this. Honestly, it is just luck. I take lots and keep a couple. :<)

  12. Love all the photos! Sweet peas are my favourite! Love the golden rod and the yarrow.
    Lovely season and yes, we are heading into that Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness!
    Thanks for sharing,

  13. Joanne, I've never had such sweet peas before. They are just so perfect. The yellow plant is tansy.

  14. Lovely pictures Nan. I come across to look at your delightful blog for balm to the soul. I dont comment very often so just wanted to say hi!

  15. Thank you, Elaine. It means a lot to me!


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