Friday, March 20, 2009

Quote du jour/James "Sawyer" Ford on LOST

I heard once Winston Churchill read a book every night, even during the blitz; said it made him think better.


  1. I would love to read a book a night, trouble is I have to get up for work in the morning! Churchill couldn't have needed as much sleep as me.

  2. I loved that scene! Thanks for posting, with photo.

  3. I've never seen Lost, but I do love Winston!

  4. Aha! Another Lost fan. I have to watch it just because it's filmed here on Oahu mostly. My neighbor's son works on the set up crew. We see his Lost t-shirts hanging out on the wash every so often. That show can be really confusing. The characters keep changing. Sawyer does pretty much stay true to his character. Even during the first season, they showed him with his glasses on, reading a book under a palm tree.

  5. wonderfully silly LOST video review:

  6. Just another reason to love that guy!

  7. Well, there you go. :) That absolutely justifies having books near my bedside, in the sewing room, on the end table.... ha ha.
    Have a happy weekend. Hope Spring is on its way for you!!

  8. Cait, I think he broke all the rules for so-called 'healthy living.' He stayed up late, he drank, he smoked, and still managed to help save the world. :<)

    Jen, Me, too. I took the picture from my computer. I couldn't find one anywhere online of that exact scene.

    Pamela, You can get all the seasons from Netflix if you want to begin on a great viewing adventure. I'm a big WC fan, too. Did I mention to you the documentary done by his granddaughter? It is available from Netflix, and I really liked it. She offered a personal touch.

    Kay, I think the first comment I ever left on your blog was about seeing Sawyer walking around your town. :<) I'd work on the set for free! There are whole websites devoted to the books on LOST, and many of them are Sawyer's. I recently read a journalist talking about how he is helping literacy.

    Thanks, Hannah for coming by, and for the link. I'll visit today.

    Doctor Mom, oh yes! sigh. :<)

    Karin, Happy to help with the justification! Spring is definitely in the air around here.

  9. I would love to be able to read a book every night...and like the boy in Lemony Snicket books, I wish I could remember all the books I have read!

  10. Susan, I would too! I have a friend who kept notecards on the books her children read while growing up,; and if they continue with their own book journals, they will indeed have a record of all the books they've read in their lives.


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