Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Today's poem by Linda Hasselstrom

Coffee Cup Café

Soon as the morning chores are done,
cows milked, pigs fed, kids packed
off to school, it's down to the café
for more coffee and some soothing

"If it don't rain pretty soon, I'm
just gonna dry up and blow away."
"Dry? This ain't dry. You don't know
how bad it can get. Why, in the Thirties
it didn't rain any more than this for
(breathless pause) six years."

"I heard Johnson's lost ninety head of calves
in that spring snowstorm. They
were calving and heading for home
at the same time and they just walked
away from them."

"Yeah and when the cows
got home, half of them died
of pneumonia."

"I ain't had any hay on me since that hail
last summer; wiped out my hay crop, all
my winter pasture, and then the drouth
this spring. Don't know what I'll do."

"Yeah, but this is nothing yet.
Why in the Thirties the grasshoppers came
like hail and left nothing green on the ground.
They ate fenceposts, even. And the dust, why
it was deep as last winter's snow drifts,
piled against the houses. It ain't bad here yet,
and when it does come, there won't be so many of us
having coffee."

So for an hour they cheer each other, each story
worse than the last, each face longer. You'd think
they'd throw themselves under their tractors
when they leave, but they're bouncy as a new calf,
caps tilted fiercely into the sun.

They feel better, now they know
somebody's having a harder time
and that men like them
can take it.

Linda Hasselstrom
from Land Circle
Writings Collected From The Land


  1. I like that bad times bragging poem - such humor - isn't it true that awful stuff can sometimes make one's own lot lighter? Weird human nature.
    But mostly - I love the poet's face! That's the face you would want looking across from you over a cup of tea, such a friendly face :)

    1. I thought she captured people perfectly! I can just about see those folks.
      I felt the same way. She looks so cheerful.

  2. I have this book! Did I ever tell you I saw her at a Willa Cather Conference many years ago? She was the keynote speaker. Lovely woman.

    1. So great that you have the book. I have another poem by her I'll be putting up soon. She is really good.

  3. Interesting. She has a bit of a Frost-ian touch-

    1. There's another of hers I want to put up. I can see the Frost connection in the conversation parts particularly.


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