Saturday, June 11, 2011

Tom Rush - The Fish Story Song

With a graduation party last weekend, and dinner with Tom's parents plus a wedding this weekend, I haven't had anything to offer for Beth Fish's Weekend Cooking. But, we did see the wonderful Tom Rush this week, and he sang a delightful song about a fish, in which the fish doesn't get cooked!


  1. Very cute video :)
    I'm always worried when I cook fish that I'm going to underdo it, and usually end up going the other way, lol.

  2. This was too cute Nan. It reminded me of the first time I was in Colorado and I ordered trout for dinner. When they brought it to me the head was still on, with that eye looking at me. I asked the waiter to take it back and cut off the head. He was surprised and asked me "really?". I told him yes if he wanted me to eat it. I couldn't eat a fish that was staring back at me. Can't to this day.

  3. We LOVE Tom Rush and I haven't heard that song in a million years. Thanks sooooo much for sharing it and for taking to heart the broad scope of weekend cooking.

  4. That was a pleasant treat on a stormy midwestern morning. I haven't heard Tom Rush in ages.

    I think I'll make fish for dinner tonight.

  5. The Book Girl, I've never cooked one. :<)

    Lisa, I think some places they eat things like eyes.

    Beth, I didn't realize it was an old song. He said something during the show about his daughter's school wanting it to be their school song. I thought it was brand new. I view it as a little vegetarian anthem. :<)

  6. What fun! This is the first musical weekend cooking post I've seen (heard!) - thanks.

  7. Tom Rush's singing started my Saturday off with a good laugh. How fun.

  8. A fish that doesn't get cooked is the best kind of fish for me. Great song and video.

  9. I'm always surprised by the food that people have never cooked or eaten (Nan says she has never cooked a fish!) step-daughter has never eaten chicken salad; she is 60 years old and the mother of four, grandmother of four. I find this amazing!

  10. I loved the song. It was a great way to start the day. I'll be smiling all morning long. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  11. Ha! So much fun! Thanks for sharing!

  12. very funny. Guess I shouldn't admit that I had rainbow trout for dinner today.

  13. Love it! I must play it for Dave when I can force him to sit in front of the computer. (He hates computers.)

  14. This has nothing to do with The Fish Story Song, but have to comment on your header photo. Don't know what kind of camera you use, but it must be a good one. Your last few floral photos have been nothing short of fabulous.

  15. Penny, he was fantastic. His voice is still strong, his new and older songs were great, and he has a warm and humorous stage presence. Wonderful show.

    JoAnn, it's such a delightful song!

    Margot, yes! And the whole show was fun. He's a great performer.

    Alex, me too!!

    Jill, I became a vegetarian pretty young. It is 40 years now since I've eaten meat or fish. There are loads of things I've never cooked, but loads of great things I have! :<)

    Thank you, Mary! It is such a cheery song.

    Joanne, I so agree!

    Carol, it was new to us at the show.

    Marg, it sure is!

    Heather, guess he won't be your friend. :<)

    Barbara, I bet he'll like it!

    Jill, the subjects are stunning. The photos are pure luck. I wrote about this camera here:


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