Saturday, June 25, 2011

Quote du jour/from A Walk in the Clouds

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My offering this weekend is a quote from one of my favorite movies. The photography is gorgeous, the story romantic, and the setting is so beautiful.

You know, everybody gives you advice how to grow old. And the doctors they say, Don Pedro, no chocolates. Don Pedro, no salt and no cigars and little brandy as possible. What the hell do the doctors know about the needs of a man's soul? Nada! Nothing.
Don Pedro Aragon played by Anthony Quinn in the 1995 film, A Walk in the Clouds

Don Pedro eating a chocolate!


  1. Oh, I loved this film! I haven't seen it in years, but remember thinking it was just beautiful in its style, attitude - everything. Thanks for the great memory.

  2. Here here Don Pedro :)
    A little chocolate never hurt anyone!

    Love Anthony Quinn...Zorba is one of my favorite characters.

  3. Oh, now one of your favorite movies is one of my favorite movies, too. Honestly, we sure do like the same stuff.

    Wouldn't it be interesting if doctors did treat the soul as well as the body? If the goal were happiness and joy, rather than just another MRI and some more lab work?

  4. Hi! It is the first time I am joining in with Beth's event.

    I agree -- chocolate is good for the soul! Wonderful movie quote!

  5. I totally agree with Don Pedro. We don't eat just for the needs of our body. We have to feed our soul as well. In my case it's not chocolate, it's popcorn.

  6. loved that movie..thanks for the quote!

  7. That is a lovely quote. I have never heard of that film, must have a look at it. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Love your quote of the day! My friend Lucie has always said that what makes life worth living is a cup of tea every afternoon and a little chocolate.

    I also just read your Thursday post about Miss Read. I too love the Miss Read books -- They are some of my favorites and along with Gladys Taber and some of Beverly Nichols' books (Laughter on the Stairs, Garden Open Today, and so on) are the ones I will never toss. I've been clearing out my bookshelves this spring -- it was either that, or move! But I set the books by these authors aside, as they are ones I read and reread periodically.

    Though we've never met, Nan, we seem to have a lot in common!

    Have a great weekend, and God bless, Canadian Chickadee

  9. Ahhh... I remember that movie. It made me want to go and have some chocolate. But what the heck! No chocolate in the house! How can that be? Doggone it!

  10. Nan. This is one of my favorites as well and I will watch it again and again and again (though I always seem to need a chocolate bar while I am, sigh).

    I think one of the most sensuous scenes in moviedom is when they are out fanning the grapes and the smudge pots are going so the crop doesn't freeze.

    Great movie quote!

  11. Nan, I'll have to check this movie out. I'm always looking for good movies. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Delightful and creative post! It made me smile...

  13. I remember bawling my eyes out when I watched this movie in the theater - it was so wonderful!

  14. The Saturday food meme always makes me hungry and now it also makes me want to go rent a certain movie!

  15. I've never seen this movie...but I vaguely remember it being advertised...

  16. What do the doctors know?? That was a good movie.

  17. Kate, I ended up buying it so I could watch as often as I wish. And I just loaned it to a friend who has never seen it. It was beautiful in all those ways you listed.

    The Book Girl, AQ was so wonderful in this film. He's also in another one I'm watching now called Only The Lonely with the late, and much missed John Candy.

    Clair, I'd like to know your other faves. And I think homepathic or natural doctors do concentrate more on the mind/body/heart connection.

    Pat, it's a great film if you get a chance to see it. This is a fun event, isn't it!

    Margot, Tom is a popcorn fan too. :<)

    Staci, I never tire of watching it.

    Oh, Rikki, it is so romantic and the scenery is so beautiful.

    Canadian Chickadee, we certainly do!!

    Carol, I can't count how many times I've seen it. :<)

    Kay, that box of chocolates was certainly beautiful.

    Penny, I've never seen such a beautiful scene in a movie as that one. And then stomping the grapes, too. Ah, such a romantic film.

    Sherri, I'm sure you will love this movie!

    Kim, thanks!

    Marg, as soon as I heard it in the movie, I thought, oh, Weekend Cooking quote!

    Heather, it is a great film.

    Sallie, I hope you can see it. You'll love it.

    Peppermint PhD. I hope you can rent a copy somewhere. It is really lovely. The time period, the setting, the story.

    Beth, such words, I thought.

  18. I haven't thought of this movie in a long time! Off to add it to my queue for another viewing. Note to self: Stock up more dark chocolate. :)

  19. Les, I so love this movie. I'd like to have lived such a life.

  20. I saw this many moons ago, loved it. Especially the magical photography. :)

    Nan, I LOVE the photo in your header. Why does that not surprise me? I generally do.

  21. Yvette, the whole movie has such a magical feel to it, but the photography is especially wonderful. Thanks about the picture. I'm quite fond of spiderwort.


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