Saturday, March 19, 2011

It's five o'clock here!

Please head over to Beth Fish Reads to see what's on the menu this weekend.

For this last full day of winter, I thought I'd post a cocktail recipe. The brandy is kind of a winter drink. One pictures people in a comfortable library with their brandy, having a light conversation or reading. But the lemon juice zings the drinker into spring which begins around here tomorrow at 7:21 pm.

I posted my Sidecar recipe a couple years ago, and this one is rather a poor man's Sidecar. Brandy instead of cognac, and triple sec rather than Cointreau. It has quite a racy little name.

Between The Sheets

1 part brandy. I used Christian Brothers.
1 part white rum. I used Bacardi.
1 part triple sec. I used Bols.
and the juice of a lemon.

Just the ticket as we sit on the porch, watching the snow melt away, as winter melts into spring.


  1. Phew!! There are plenty of chairs for Mr. BFR and me. We're there to celebrate the spring! The drink sounds wonderful -- now if only the snow would melt a bit. LOL.

  2. This sounds good, but it's a bit early in the morning here! ;-)

  3. Donna - Avon Musings....March 19, 2011 at 10:09:00 PM EDT

    Dear Nan: How lovely you look sitting on your porch in the sunshine. This is very odd because this morning I was driving to a quilting class and Alan Jackson came on the radio singing "It's Five O'clock Somewhere", then I arrive back home and open your blog to read your blog title today. I tell you "kindred spirits".

  4. Hmmm... I'll bet that little tonic keeps you nice and warm while you sit on your porch watching that freezing snow.

  5. Cheers, Nan!
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  6. This drink will definitely keep you warm while you sit on the porch. The sun looks great too. Good to see you.

  7. I'll toast with you to the onset of spring! (Although the snow here melted ages ago, so it sort of feels like spring has already arrived).

  8. I love cocktails - my favourite ones being Swimming Pool and Bounty (Batida de Coco, Amaretto, Chocolate liqueur, and cream - you don't need dessert after that, he he)! From your description, I can't really imagine what "Between the sheets" tastes like, but I love the idea of you sitting on the porch in the sun, watching the snow melt! Lovely picture, too!

  9. I'd be delighted for you both to visit, Beth F!!

    Marg, just wait a few hours. :<)

    Pamela, cheers to you, and thanks!

    Donna, I'm amazed, as always. I love it when Jimmy Buffett chimes into the song.

    And to you, Susan!

    Kay and Lisa, it didn't keep us warm for long. :<) We came in after a few minutes. The wind made it just too chilly to sit out.

    Pam, thanks!

    Chinoiseries, we could easily get even more snow before May. :<(

    Librarian, aren't those the best names. I think you'd like this cocktail, sweet because of the triple sec and sour from the lemon. Quite lovely. Let me know if you ever try it!

  10. Cheers! We're watching the snow melt, too... but it's going to take a while ;-)

  11. Ok,I will have a cocktail and watch and wait for all the snow to melt!

  12. How nice to sit on the porch, cuddled up, watching the snow and having a drink. Perfect for the last day of winter.

  13. Ann, unbelievable, unbelievable. We might see 80 by the end of May or we could even have a frost then.

    JoAnn, we've lost a ton of snow this week!

    Diann, what did you have? :<) Thanks for coming by.

  14. Rikki, it was a little bit colder than we could bear so we didn't stay out long. :<)

  15. I almost hate to admit it but I wasn't paying attention to the calendar and did realize that Spring was upon us. So, thanks for the reminder and a Happy Spring to you too.

  16. From one porch sitter to another--Joy in Spring-Melt! My cocktail is a very cold beer. But what the heck!

  17. Hey Everyone...Party is at Nan's House!!

  18. Sounds good in weather like yours! Maybe we'll still be in Oregon when it starts to rain next fall and then I'll come back for the recipe.

    (BTW, I feel better about posting about happy hour and showing my half-full glass of wine now ;>).)

  19. Definitely one I'll have to try! We sat on our porch late yesterday afternoon after I returned from an hour-long bike ride. (First ride of the season!) I would've had my usual glass of wine, but a beer sounded much more appealing since it was 70 degrees out. Here's to spring!

    P.S. Lovely photo!!

  20. Margot, on this first full day of spring, snow is expected around here!

    And to you, KSV!

    Tracey, not much melting today - there's snow coming.
    Thanks for coming by.

    Staci, wouldn't that be just the best!

    Sallie, why wait? ;<) It's a good one anytime.

    Les, our temp today is half of that! I wish I liked beer, but I don't. And even wine I can have just occasionally. I guess I'm more a cocktail girl. ;<)

  21. now why didn't I visit here at the start of the weekend rather then when it's over.

  22. Heather, there's no reason you can't have one tonight! I am. :<) Wanna come over?!

  23. Great pic of you Nan!
    Great smile!
    And look at all that sunshine!
    Perfect Place to sit awhile!

  24. Joanne, it was for a very short while because of the cold wind. And the weather hasn't improved one bit since then. Snow yesterday. Temps in thirties (F). Ah, spring!

  25. I am so pleased my snow is a thing of the past - oh I hope...
    The drink - if someone was here to share one with me.

  26. Ernestine, my snow is a thing of the present. ;<) And I'd have the drink alone. Put on some music you love and enjoy your beautiful yard!


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