Friday, February 11, 2011

Today's pictures/October and February

8:40 am October 14, 2010

8:53 am February 11, 2011


  1. We too are under a huge mound of seems all the posts I've read this morning are snowbound....I want some spring!!!
    Have a happy weekend, my friend.

  2. Niki, your words remind me of a quote I put up once from 'your' Peter Gzowski:

    I'm still pretty happy with winter, especially on such a bright sunshiny day as this. It is all too beautiful for words so I've been showing pictures. :<)

  3. I read a book many years ago--"Time in It's Flight"! What I remember most is the descriptions of New England snow!
    Well, spring is around the corner!

  4. Barbara, I looked it up, and that is one LONG book! I'd never heard of it. I think there are still quite a few corners before we see spring. :<)

  5. Oh what wonderful contrasts. Gosh! Your Winter pictures and comments make me think I've missed out on something in my life and obviously I have. I love that you revel in the seasons.

    Your header photo is wonderful -- and also makes me a little envious!
    Sometimes I think one life is not enough for a person and although I love mine, I'd like to sample yours ;>)

  6. Love these two photos!
    Also, your dog, Sadie is her name?...I can't remember, is so comfy on that beautiful rug.

  7. At least the sun is shining. I usually feel I can face most anything with a bit of sunshine thrown over it.

  8. Pamela, yes!

    Sallie, and I, yours! I fear our traveling days are over. We took a lot of trips in earlier years with the kids, but haven't gone away overnight for ten years now. For this time, it feels good to be home. But who knows what the future may bring?

    Jill, Sadie is so very flattered that you remembered her name!

    Lisa, we've had a lot of gorgeous sunshine! The snow just glistens.

  9. Here in England i fear we may have seen the last of the snow.I love all seasons but would be quite happy with either sun or snow.

  10. Goodness, look at that snow! I love the idea of seasonal comparison of photos.

  11. The sun out all day. Makes me think of Spring even with the snow.
    As soon as road clears more then two tire marks going forward - I will make a run to town.

  12. Ah, the beauty of each the views!
    I am thankful for what you shared with has been beautiful!
    I have really enjoyed the morning sky...silvery blue. Wish I was an artist to capture it...thankful for my camera and the eyes to see:)
    Joanne, who will check out that Peter Gzowski quote now...a fellow Canadian:)

  13. What a difference the snow makes. I hope we have had our quota this winter.
    It will soon be spring!

  14. Isn't it amazing how different things look in the snow. It changes one's perspective and outlook, doesn't it? We have had quite a bit of snow here in the midwest, but, I definitely think you are under more of that white stuff.

    I loved your pictures from yesterday of the the icicles. Aren't they beautiful forms of nature, always changing, catching the light, transforming before our very eyes. I especially like the ones looking out from the window.

  15. "How much snow have you had?"
    "Oh, I don't know. It's about chair deep."

    Your mention of knocking the icicles down with a shovel made me smile. That does sound like fun!

  16. I love this! But even more so, I love your header. You know how much I like to "peek" into your house and when I saw your recent header, I felt like I'd come home. Kind of feels like I've been visiting you in your home for many, many years.

    Happy weekend, dear friend.

  17. Nan, the contrast in your beautiful photos is amazing. I can't imagine living with so much snow for so long. Today,where I live it is the most glorious sunny day,28 degrees celsius inside my house, much hotter outside.
    Our state of Queensland has had major flooding and cyclones over the past few weeks with massive damage and heartbreak over vast areas. Thankfully we have not been directly effected.
    I hope your spring hurries up and thaws you out!

  18. Oh my! Our snow and ice has gone and it's supposed to be 60 tomorrow after having temperatures that all started with minus. Love the cozy banner. Dogs sleep in the most uncomfortable looking positions - gotta love them.

  19. I feel your pain, Nan -- hard to believe really, but we've seen it first-hand.

  20. Oh gracious! Those two photos next to each other tells such a fun seasonal story. I sure hope you get to thaw out soon.

  21. Madness and Mayhem, that's really funny 'end of the snow' :<) I can maybe say that the first of May!

    Maidlan, I do too. A few years back I took a photo of the same place in my yard on the same day of each month. If you'd like to see the pictures:

    Ernestine, the sun really is strong now.

    Joanne, I so loved his Morningside show. I began listening in the 1990s after my kids went to school. I see there is a relatively new biography.

    Cait, not here! ;<)

    Life on the cutoff, it is all so beautiful!

    J.G., very satisfying. :<)

    Les, I so love that corner. I've just recently bought the reading lamp and am very happy with it.

    Patricia, I think your weather sounds terribly scary. Mostly here, it is just worrisome driving in it.

    Ann, I've been in touch with my Texas cousin and she's looking at 78º coming up soon. Amazing. Though she did get a bit of snow this month.

    Diane, no pain - I love it. Really!

    Kay, it won't be soon. :<)

  22. Eep! How beautiful! And oh the difference of a few months!

  23. Colleen, and four months on from here will be different again. I've made a note to put up a photo from mid-June, too, with these from October and February.


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