Thursday, February 10, 2011

Today's pictures/Icicles


  1. Beautiful! I thought I had it bad in New York, but the snow and ice you have is something else!

  2. Holy icicles, Batman! Those are some gi-normous pointy spears.

    On the upside if someone conserves water or uses a water collector for their garden catching the water when those melt should last for a while.

    I'm cold just looking at the snow and ice. Hope you're staying warm!

  3. Nature is amazing.
    You have caputured these icicles in the sunlight beautifully.
    Thank u for sharing


  4. They are beautiful. None here - even though it is cold and snowy..

  5. Donna - Avon Musings....February 10, 2011 at 5:10:00 PM EST

    Hi Nan: Beautiful photos. One of my favourite subjects to photograph.

  6. Spectacular! Oh death by icicle would NOT be good. But they are so pretty. :)

  7. The blue skies against the white snow and the crystalline icicles is phenomenal! I love that shade of blue so much! Thank you for sharing it. Haven't seen much of it around here!!!

  8. Wow! That is a lotta ice and snow! The snow looks so powdery and skrinchy--I love the sound fresh snow makes (made) under my shoes.

  9. My goodness, make sure you don't walk under them!!!

  10. Wow - are these "growing" at your house? I love icycles, in spite of not being a winter person at all. But there is something about them, their apparent solidity and yet they break and melt so easily, that makes them fascinating in their fragile beauty.

  11. Those icicles are something! I hope they don't let lose while someone is standing under them or near them! Have a great weekend!

  12. those are doozy's! and the photos are beautiful!

  13. Oh, yeah, Rachel it is winter here for sure!

    Kittie, it is nice and warm inside. I've never heard of anyone doing that. Interesting.

    Thank you, Carol.

    Ernestine, I think they're beautiful, too.

    Me too, Donna. Not much work for the photographer since they are so beautiful. :<)

    Colleen, I wonder if anyone has written a murder mystery with that as a weapon?!

    Jill, they really are amazing. Like winter flowers.

    Aisling, sorry you haven't had much sun. We've had quite a lot. It really brings out the beauty of the snow and ice.

    J.G., that's a great adjective!

    Ann, very funny! It is quite fun to knock them down with the shovel.

    Librarian, your words are a poem; an ode to icicles. Lovely.

    Madness and mayhem, yes they are!

    Sherri, they make quite a sound if they happen to fall off when they are still whole. As I wrote above, I rather enjoy knocking them down. :<)

  14. Niki, I think they are a sign of poor insulation in the roof. :<) Guilty. We have hardly any. And who would want any with beauty like this?!

  15. When I was a little girl we used to love to break them off and suck them like children these days do with fruit-flavored ice pops!
    Wonder how we ever survived! Can you imagine parents allowing this today? Letting a child suck on frozen water from a dirty roof; unheard of!

  16. Jill, I did too. I don't think a dirty roof would be any worse than the chemicals in the artificially flavored and colored pops, do you?!

  17. We have such similar views! It is beautiful, but I wouldn't mind a little snowmelt right now.

  18. Nan,
    Your photos have been spectacular! I enjoyed your recent headers as well, including this cosy indoor shot.
    The icicles are truly thick. We do have them here too which reminds me of how cold it is and how thankful I am for my cosy, warm home.
    Thanks for the peek,

  19. Your icicles always amaze me!! We never seem to have any and if we do, it's only one little tiny one. I wonder why you get so many (and so big!!). I hope your roof isn't leaking anywhere! (Says she who worries far too much about these sort of things.)

  20. This brings back such fun memories of Illinois, Nan. My husband and I are so crazy we once tried to capture a water dropping off the icicle. We succeeded alright, but were nearly frozen doing so.

  21. Commonweeder, I think the temps are supposed to warm up a bit next week. 40º!

    Joanne, they amaze me every year. They sparkle in the sun and I see blue in them sometimes.

    Susan, funny you said that. I was thinking of putting up a video of that song, saying it really isn't just for December!

    Les, no the roof isn't leaking. I was telling someone that they come because there's no insulation in the roof! And I am glad there isn't!

    Kay, your winters are sure different now!

  22. Perhaps, but they'd have to act quickly! Oooo, and they're be no trace of fingerprints! Eep! How dastardly.

  23. Colleen, even more devious! No fingerprints - I never thought of this. And the weapon would melt during the day. Maybe we should sell the idea to a mystery writer and make lotsa money. :<)


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