Friday, January 1, 2010

Reporting on the 2009 books

This is the book geek posting of the year because I like to know these statistics.

62 books read: 58 print; 4 audio

43 by women
19 by men


29 fiction
22 mystery
6 nonfiction
4 juvenile
1 young adult

Publication dates:

27 - 2000s
6 - 1990s
2 - 1980s
6 - 1970s
1 - 1960s
3 - 1950s
5 - 1940s
7 - 1930s
3 - 1920s
2 - 1900-1919


  1. Wow; you must be a fast reader! Just to share, I recently found a book entitled The Modern library: the 200 Best Novels Since 1950.
    It has really opened my eyes, as authors I have nver considered are listed, as Muriel Spark, Elizabeth Jolley, Katherine Anne Porter. So I just read Cousin Rebecca(1951), and found it is extremely well written and engrossing. Who knew??
    The author is the Irish writer Colm Toibin;
    I think surveys were used in the listings.
    Also the prize winners for the various years for the Booker. the Pulitzer, Gov. General awards are listed, so it is a great reference book for 100's of books....not long on mysteries, though. If you want toknow their selections, I could send you the names. Thanks Fran

  2. I have always wanted to do this...keep track of what I have read. I start the year doing pretty good then life gets busy and I don't write down what I have read. It gets so complicated after that. How do you do it??

  3. Oh, not at all, Fran! I've come across more than a few bloggers who have read over 100 books! Amazes me. I do watch movies most evenings though but I love them almost as much as books. :<) The book sounds great, and I'm going to see if I can find it. I've not heard of Eliz. Jolley or the book Cousin Rebecca. And I want to read more Toibin - I picked up Brooklyn at the library but ended up bringing it back before I could read it. Thank you for offering to send me names, but that's too much work for you to do. I will email the library and see if they can get me a copy to read. Thanks so much for all this information.

    Lisa, What if you started keeping your list on your blog? You could put it on the sidebar, or just put a folder there with all the titles inside. I do the latter, but lots of people list their books.That way you could just jot down your latest read as part of your blog writing for the day. You might even find that you'd like to write a bit about the book.

  4. What a nice 'spread' you have over the years, a nice mix of new and older books.

  5. Tara, I was pleased to see that, too. And I'm always surprised to see so many new books on my list. I think of myself as reading mostly old ones. Isn't that funny?

  6. I'm surprised to see so many new publications this year, Nan! You usually read older books. Looks like you had a good year of reading. I'm going to work on my list today.

  7. I am too, Les, but in 2008 I read/listened to 52 from the 2000s, far more than from any other decade. I hadn't kept track of years before this, but I'm quite sure I always read more new ones than I think I do.


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