Monday, March 30, 2015

A Year with Mrs. Appleyard - March

Mrs. Appleyard doesn’t beat around the bush when it comes to expressing her feelings about the month of March! 

No matter how often she encounters this month, she thinks she’ll never live through it. Sometimes she doesn’t care whether she does. Just what it is about March she doesn’t quite know. It blows grit in your eyes, but other months are windy. Its predominating colors are gray and brown, but so are November’s, and she rather likes to see the shapes of trees and of hills without color or even whiteness to distract the eye. March is no colder than January, yet it sets more joints aching. It is only three days longer than February, but it seems endless.

Although I've never given this month much thought, I realized when I read her words that I feel much the same way. You know I love winter. But by March I am kind of ready for a change, especially after mid-month when spring officially begins. Only once in a very great while have we had the warmth of other climes in the latter days of March. Mrs. Appleyard writes of women ‘buying spring coats, though well they know that in New England you can’t wear a spring coat until June and then it is too hot.’ To me, and apparently to Mrs. A. as well, it feels rather like a month that must be gotten through rather than lived in.


  1. I think February and March should be together..Farch. All I can say is Come On APRIL!

  2. Love the picture of the ducks. Your post reminded me of a Mrs. Appleyard I worked with years ago. March here in Texas is unpredictable. We had snow, thunderstorms (with hail) and 80 degree weather. You see people out wearing coats and others wearing t-shirts!

  3. Love the new header with the ducks! Now that we have some wildflowers in bloom, I can feel like spring has sprung!

  4. My copy has arrived ...yippee now I can read along :o)

  5. March has definitely felt endlessly long this year, colder than usual, like winter's ungenerously refusing to give way to spring. It's almost over, thank goodness.

  6. Could it be that this year you feel even worse about March because you have only just lost Sadie?
    For me, March has always of course been influenced by my birthday. When I was still a child, my parents and grandparents made sure I had a great day, and ever since I moved out from home and made my own home, I made sure of that :-)
    But generally, March has often been colder here than February. Right now, we are storm-swept; it's not too dramatic in my area, but in other parts of Germany, people have been killed by trees falling on their cars and similar accidents.

  7. So, so ready for spring.
    Happy April!
    (love the ducks)

  8. Couldn't agree more, Nan. March is the definite pits. And yes, it does seem endless. Especially after a 28 day February. And of course, this past March we had very unpleasant weather almost every day.

    I love winter too. But as I get older, I kind of wish it was shorter.

    Well, either/or, I hope you and your family have a very Happy Easter. My grandchildren will be partaking of an egg hunt at my brother's place. Always a ton of fun even if nobody knows really knows why the hunt should be on for eggs. Ah well, part of the mystery. :)


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