Sunday, March 8, 2015

What I Learned From TV - March 8

Each time I do a post about What I Learned From TV, I’ll begin with the explanation from the first posting:

Now that my kids are grown, and Tom has retired, I’ve been able to go back to my natural sleep pattern which is to stay up late and get up late. Tom’s natural rhythm is just the opposite. So, he’s the lark and I’m the owl. And what this owl does in the late hours is watch television- not in the traditional way but through HuluNetflixTunnelBear, and Acorn TV. Most of the shows are British, though I am a great fan of a few American television shows, and have been watching some from other countries now that we have TunnelBear. Some of these shows Tom will watch in the mornings, but some of them are all mine. So, when I hear a great quote from a show I know he’s not going to watch, I’ll leave him little post-it notes near the computer keyboard. I had a notion this morning to begin a new ‘letter topic’ called What I Learned From TV so I can put up some virtual post-its for you to read and, hopefully, enjoy. Some are funny, some are educational, some are wise.

From The Café:

No one knows anyone’s [phone] number by heart anymore.

And isn’t that the truth. I have been the queen of remembering phone numbers my whole life, but no longer. I don’t even know my kids’ because they are under ‘favorites’ and I just click and voila, my phone dials. A little bit sad, I think. As Joni Mitchell wrote all those years ago, ‘something’s lost but something’s gained in living every day.'

From Bones:

Cell phones carry 10 times the bacteria of a toilet seat!


  1. I believe that about the cell being so dirty. What a terrible thought tho. UGH... I love your header photo.

  2. Love the new pics of the kids and grands. Beautiful! I laughed out loud at the cell phone bacteria quote and then thought ick! I'm sure that is right. I clean my screen all the time as I can't stand the smudgy fingerprints. I'll have to include the whole thing when I clean each and every time. And you are right about remembering the phone numbers. Love your little TV graphic. Looks a lot like a TV we had.

  3. That's the truth about phone numbers, Nan (and about cel phones - yuck). I sometimes can't even remember my own home phone number, as I rarely call it. For some odd reason, however, I can remember a phone number I often dialed for my grandmother, who could not read nor write, and one I haven't dialed in 45 years. Ambassador 2- 7602.

  4. Because my parents' phone number has not changed ever since I was six years old, I have no trouble remembering it. But as for everybody else's - heck, I have to think good and hard before giving my OWN number to someone, because it has changed a few times in the past, and I so rarely ring myself :-)
    Something else that is more disgusting than a toilet seat in terms of hygiene is the handlebar on any average shopping trolley...

  5. Yes, it's sad that I remember my phone number when I was a teenager but not my kid's numbers now. By the way, Dr. Oz did a study on public toilets and the worst place for bacteria is on the lock of the door. Obviously people touch it before they wash their hands and the toilet seat is at least cleaned occasionally.

  6. Isn't that the truth about phone numbers! I don't know my husband's or my daughter's. On the other hand, I have my granddaughter's address memorized. ;)

    Love your new header!

  7. We finally have NetFlix on ou smart TV. The capability has been there since we got the set several years ago, but it was smarter than we are and we just now figured out how to install it. I need to come back when I have time and search your posts for some of your favorites because I remember you've written about good movies before.


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