Thursday, March 12, 2015

The Rude Visitors by Gail Chislett

The Rude Visitors
by Gail Chislett
illustrated by Barbara Di Lella
children's book 1984
finished 3/12/15

There aren't words to express the special joy that comes from reading a book to Hazel Nina that I used to read to her mother. Margaret doesn't remember this book, and I'm sure it is because she was Hazel's age when I read it to her. It is one of my very favorites, and now it seems that it is also one of Hazel's. On many days, she walks over to the shelf, takes it off, and brings it to one of us to read. She plops herself up into a lap, and happily sits quietly absorbing this witty and wonderful book.

The delightful dedication makes me think there really was a boy named Bram back in 1984 whose mother wrote a book featuring him as the main character.

The Rude Visitors is about little Bram blaming imaginary (or are they?) animals for all the misadventures of a toddler.

The illustrations by Barbara Di Lella are so engaging, with both black and white, and color drawings. She makes Bram and his friends very appealing to young ones and their adult readers. I'm happy to say the book is still in print. If you are a parent or grandparent of a young child you will both love this book, and like Hazel Nina, want to read it over and over again.


  1. Another great book! I love all your reviews for children's books, Nan. Keep them coming. And, what a sweet little girl sitting and reading with her Grampy. :)

    1. Thanks, Les. I so enjoy doing them. I put this one together during Hazel's nap. :<)

  2. It looks fun and with a good "message" at the same time!
    I wonder whether Hazel Nina will remember the book in later years (since you say Margaret doesn't remember it from when she was little). Your mentioning of the book having both black-and-white and coloured illustrations makes me think about that, too: Do you feel Hazel Nina looks with more interest at the colourful pages, than the black-and-white ones?

    1. Excellent question. I haven't noticed that she looks more at one than another. There's a perfection in the use of both - they each stand out.

  3. How wonderful to have someone Hazel Nina's age to read to! My youngest grandchild is four years old now and I'm not likely to have more and he is reading different things now. I'd almost say that lego catalogs are his favorites.

  4. I'm going to see if our granddaughters have this one.

    And, I know you've been told this many times, but Hazel Nina's eyes are beautiful. I can easily tell that she is completely into that book!

  5. The illustrations are engaging, and the simple text is perfect. From the looks of your photo, the snow is starting to thaw. Spring can't be far behind.

  6. The mud Nan---the mud! Hazel and her cousin can mush it all about. What fun!

    Same thing here in Southern Missouri. Also croci, daffs and hyacinth.

    Ahhh------Spring....have a good one!

  7. How did we miss this one? It sounds lovely!
    You have very lucky Grandchildren you know Nan ...But I'm sure you are just as convinced that you are the lucky one :0)


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