Friday, March 20, 2015

Today's poem by Katharine Tynan

Slow Spring

O year, grow slowly. Exquisite, holy,
The days go on
With almonds showing the pink stars blowing 
And birds in the dawn.

Grow slowly, year, like a child that is dear,
Or a lamb that is mild,
By little steps, and by little skips,
Like a lamb or a child.

Katharine Tynan (1859-1931)

Spring officially began in my neck of the woods at 6:45 pm


  1. Yep, Spring brings mud season. It looks like you are well into it. Happy Spring!

    1. I must update the pic. It was March 12. Lots of snow since then.

  2. Lovely poem. I'm hoping our spring will linger and not flee into summer.

  3. Lovely poem, I like the way she talks to the year, so gently.

  4. Sweet words for the seasonal transition (and I do remember those lovely days from my "past life". ). But I see by your comment above that Spring didn't pay attention to when it was supposed to officially arrive! At your hose!

  5. IPad ... I caught a glimpse of all those typos just as I hit send. I hate how this machine auto corrects. Sigh.

  6. I love the comparisons of spring to a dear child. I recently experienced the slow growth of two grandchildren with a rare genetic disease. They were wise beyond their years and could communicate so amazingly without words, but they were tiny and their babyhood lingered for a time. They are gone, but they have a healthy baby sister. We don't take a single thing for granted with her and are amazed at how she grows before our eye. Oh for spring to linger and mud season to fly by! Tomorrow we are expecting showers and downpours and 55 degrees! Lots of snow still to melt and my front walkway will be mud soup!!


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