Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Quote(s) du jour/Gladys Taber

I thought I'd share a few words from Gladys Taber on this 112th anniversary of her birth.

From The Book of Stillmeadow (1948), April:
Spring is always a surprise to me. It never seems possible that this is the same yard that was knee-deep in snow and armored in ice. Suddenly it is starred with daffodils, as if someone had cut the sun up in pieces and scattered them everywhere. And when the trees turn from etchings into water colors, that is amazing, too. The misty greens and the warm shiny pink buds and the swelling varnished tips on the lilacs. Everything is like a dream.

From Stillmeadow Daybook (1955), April:
Early morning is like a pink pearl now that April's here. The first lilacs are budding over the white picket fence in the Quiet Garden; crocus, daffodils, white and purple grape hyacinths repeat the magic of spring. Surely never was spring so wonderful, such a miracle!

From Stillmeadow Sampler (1959), Spring:
For me, April is a time of remembering. It may partly be because it is my birthday month. Or perhaps it is that the long winter is over and done with, and spring walks down the hill over the dogtooth violets. Or possibly it is just that when the air blows softly over the melting snows, and the crocus is established, and the skunk cabbage splashes the edge of the pond with emerald, one naturally has a tendency to take stock of other times, other springs.


  1. Ah, she shares my birthday month!
    Lovely words.... trees turning from etchings into watercolours. Marvelous!

  2. Pamela, I always find that her words so wonderful, so true.

  3. Ah, she shares my birthday month too!

    Thank you Nan for these quotes...what a lovely way to start the morning.

  4. Jill, this woman's words mean so very much to me.

  5. And she is so right about spring being a miracle and it never having been so wonderful! I think that every year :-)

  6. What lovely words. Thank you so much for introducing me to Gladys Taber, Nan.


  7. Thank you for sharing these quotes.
    Oh, her birthday is just 3 days before mine! May I also say that I always love the photo that you change at the top of your blog? The goat on the left has such a lovely surprised expression!
    Nan, I am so grateful that you decided to continue with your letters from a hill farm!
    Kay Guest

  8. Pam, thank you so very much for letting me know. I'm thrilled that you like her work. Dear, dear Gladys.

    Kay, what kind words. Thank you so much. Oh, the goat and her sister. What trouble twins they are.

  9. Love, love, love it!
    Thank you Nan...and Gladys Taber for your Spring inspiration and thoughts:)
    Love the new header Nan!
    It is 12'c and the sun is shining brightly on this perfect April day!
    Thanks for sharing dear Gladys with us!
    hugs from me,Joanne

  10. Joanne, isn't she just THE best! Her words always hit the spot.

  11. Ah, I love reading anything by Gladys. We share the same birth month, too! Did you know there is a newsletter published quarterly called The Friends of Gladys Taber?

  12. Oh, Judy, yes! I am a member. How I love those newsletters. I clicked on your name and a blog came up but with no postings. Do you plan to write?? I love the name.

  13. Oh, Nan, you made my day. I am especially moved by the first reference from The Book of Stillmeadow. What a picture, a piece of artwork, Gladys paints with her words.

    Thank you.

  14. Always grateful to have found her on your blog - just one more terrific person, place, or thing found on your blog, Nan. And now all those divine latkes to try :)

  15. Suddenly it is starred with daffodils, as if someone had cut the sun up in pieces and scattered them everywhere.

    Love this! Thanks for sharing, Nan.

  16. Penny, she really does.

    Oh my, Susan what a nice, nice thing to say. Thank you.

    Les, I've never read such a thing before. Gladys does have a unique way of expression.

  17. I loved Gladys Taber's writing. Actually, many years ago (maybe 40?) I lived in New Milford, CT not far from Stillmeadow. That's when I discovered her. Thank you for reminding me of an old favorite.

  18. Barbara, I'd love to drive past her house, which the family still owns and uses.

  19. I love Gladys Taber. I still can remember reading her column (Butternut Wisdom?) in one of my mother's ladies' magazines.

    I have accumulated about 10 of her books, but they are getting harder to find.

  20. Nan, thank you.
    She is like an old friend'
    Love her words
    Wish I could have visited her
    Her world I love...

  21. Ernestine, your lovely comment is like a poem!


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