Thursday, April 28, 2011

Off to a wedding!

I won't be around much tomorrow since I'm going to a wedding via my satellite dish. I could be there in person if William and Kate had come up with the same idea as I did. I thought it would be cool to invite everyone to their wedding who had gotten married in London on April 29, which means us! But since they didn't I'll be happily watching in my own living room. I'm not getting up early but am setting the DVR to record it.
PS Kate is the same age I was on that day. And William is a month older than Margaret. Isn't time a funny, funny thing?


  1. Happy Anniversary! I'll be joining you at the wedding, let's get together at the reception and enjoy a glass of champagne!

  2. Well, happy anniversary! I clicked on your link to view your wedding photo--so sweet!

  3. I have it to record too!! Enjoy your wedding fun!

  4. Nan,
    I am right there with you.
    I might have to get up early to make tea and scones with jam...can't wait!
    LOVE your header...perfect!

  5. Enjoy the day - and happy anniversary to you!
    Incidentally, my late husband and I got married on the same day as William's father Charles and his second wife Camilla had planned - April 8th, 2005. But they postponed their wedding to the 9th because of the pope's funeral (of course we jokingly said they postponed it so as not to be upstaged by our wedding, he he).

  6. Happy Wedding Anniversary!

    I'm going to start watching at ten o'clock but I didn't have to get up earlier than usual to do it.
    Every other person being interviewed by the media seems to be American.

  7. A very happy anniversary to you! The wedding was gorgeous of course; what a lovely couple they are.

  8. So what is this - anniversary #34 or so? Lovely and I don't know why you didn't get an invite to THE WEDDING! It was beautiful, the highlights and bits I've seen. I sat at the gym and rode the bike today so I could watch more on the TV's. :-)

    Happy Anniversary, Nan and Tom!!

  9. It was such a glorious morning! So very British...

  10. A very Happy Anniversary to you both. How lovely to be re-living your own London wedding day as the events there today took place.

    And isn't it grand to see daffodils here in the Granite State? At last!

  11. Wasn't it grand? Caught snips and snaps, was a wee bit late to work waiting for "the kiss" :)

  12. Hope you enjoyed it, Nan; I thought it was perfect!

  13. Thanks everyone!!

    I so loved the wedding. Every single minute. They seem very well suited, like great friends! I smiled, I cried, I rejoiced.

  14. Congratulations to you and Tom, Nan.
    My parents were also married on April 29, 1942 in Tasmania. My father was on short leave from serving overseas with the Australian Army during the war.
    Wasn't the wedding wonderful! We were fortunate to be able to watch it live. I sat glued to my TV from 6pm to 10.30pm.


  15. Nan, I do not watch much TV. But I watched this wedding and like you I cried, laughted, smiled and so happy for this beautiful young couple. Exciting to see the events that follow.
    Happy Anniversary to you and Tom...

  16. Patricia, so good to hear from you. I've been thinking about you lately. My parents were married a year later than yours on the 24th, in California - where he was stationed for a bit.

    Ernestine, thank you!

  17. Belated congratulations on your anniversary Nan and Tom.
    I was glued to the wedding on Friday, what a treat to see everyone looking so happy, and how beautiful and moving it all was.
    I was proud to be British, not always the case these days i'm sad to say!

  18. Did you love it? I did. I think you should have been invited!! And Happy belated anniversary.

  19. Carole, I've still not seen the second part that the station offered. It's like I'm putting off having a delicious treat. :<) I would always be proud to be British.

    Oh, Sallie, I sure did.

    Thank you all for the wishes.


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