Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Saying farewell

My dear and gentle readers,

I am writing to say that this is my last letter. I believe that after four years, lacking two months and a day, the blog has run its course. Over this time I've taken note of the garden, the animals, recipes, books, some music, some movies, and family news. It has been most fulfilling.

I want to thank every single person who has ever taken the time to leave me a note, either on the blog or in an email. I have been touched beyond words by your caring, your kindness, your thoughtfulness.

I am not stopping because of any problem. I am stopping because I feel that I've said most everything I have to say about the garden, the changing seasons, the weather. I live a very simple, quiet life and one July is pretty much like another July. You've seen the flowers and read most of my recipes. As far as books go, I am ready to stop writing about them and just read them. I may not even keep a print record anymore.

I am going to leave the blog on the internet at least for a while. I must decide what I want to 'do' with it. I may want to copy out some postings. I have stopped the comments.

I like the word farewell because it is more than goodbye. It is a word which offers good wishes. And I do wish you all well. I will think of each of you with great fondness and deep appreciation.

Most sincerely,

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