Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Easy Strawberry - Rhubarb Pie

Easy as pie! I've never thought pies were easy to make. In fact, I've never made a 'real' one. Pie crust simply daunts me. And if you look at my pie recipes under the Recipes tab, you'll see that not one of them has an actual pie crust.

I bought a frozen crust made by a company called Wholly Wholesome. I used the 'traditional' because I get plenty of whole wheat in my bread, and in pies I prefer a white flour crust.

This recipe comes from my friend Caryn, and it proves the adage. It could not be simpler or more satisfying. Delicious!

Mix together and add to crust:

2 cups strawberries
2 cups rhubarb
3/4 cup sugar
2 Tablespoons flour

Bake in preheated 350ยบ F. oven for about an hour.

It very liquid-y and must be served in a bowl.


  1. My favorite pie ever. I'll make this, although my hubby prefers banana creme. What does he know anyway? ;)

  2. Now, see! There is plenty that's new under the sun at Hill Farm. I'm so glad to be reading your posts again. It seemed like you were gone forever and, apparently, I had plenty of company who were feeling the same way.

    If you want to pop over (wear your sunscreen and snake boots, remember!), I'll be happy to show you all about the making of pie crust.

    Dear Nan. Can't say it enough times--so glad that you are back.

  3. I used to eat Rhubarb as a kid...we loved it when the sour taste would hit. This is an easy recipe, even I could make this!

  4. That looks yummy. It is really liquidy. Have you ever tried adding a little minute tapioca to help thicken it, or is that the texture you're aiming for? (Like a great accompaniment for vanilla ice cream.)

  5. I never make pie crust from scratch, either. But I cheat by fluffing up the edges after they defrost, to make them seem more homemade.

    Yours looks like some ice cream might be in order!

  6. My mum makes strawberry rhubarb jam, they grow both on their allotment. But of course, the season for strawberries and rhubarb is long gone, and we'll have to wait for next year when towards the end of May there will be new strawberries :-)

    If you add a few drops of lemon juice, the acid might help to make the mixture a bit less liquid.

  7. What a good idea - my husband loves pies and I can never be bothered to make the pastry, which is so lazy and unkind. Do you use these from rozen, or allow them to thaw first?

  8. Nan, that recipe looks so good!! I will have to pass it along to one of my friends that grows rhubarb and is always looking for new recipes for it! Thanks for sharing!!

  9. Yay! You are back! I read a while back that you were going to stop writing. All the reasons were reasonable, but I felt a ping of loss because I regularly read your blog and knew that I would miss it. I didn't write at the time and today I thought I would check, you know, just in case, and Yay!

  10. Good Lord. I just licked my screen! LOL, I caught all the drama late - but it certainly appears that you are someone who we need posting as often as possible. Nor do you seem to hurt for subjects. Just keep posting food pictures and you can count on sharing breakfast daily!

  11. My daughter is the pie maker in our family and makes her own pie crust. Your recipe using the frozen crust looks easy enough for me. The recipe will be perfect for our cooler autumn weather expected over the weekend. I can already see a bit of whipped cream added on top as a special treat.

  12. What a lovely surprise! I've been away for a week and have just discovered that you're back! I'm so pleased: Hill Farm is one of my daily blog visits and I've missed you.

  13. Les, I do love the combination of strawberries and rhubarb.

    Clair, thank you so much for your kind words. You could email me how to do it and save me from rattlers. :<)

    Staci, it could not be easier.

    Webster and Librarian, thank you for the tips! I will try each of them.

    J.G., I'm sure ice cream or whipped cream would be a great addition. I didn't happen to have any on hand.

    Wild Somerset Child, I just take it out of the freezer and pour in the mixture. The strawberries and rhubarb were also from the freezer.

    Sherri, if you look under fruit desserts on the Recipes tab, there are quite a few rhubarb treats for your friend. And also under pies and cake. It is one of my favorites!

    Oh, thank you, Juanita.

    Bella, there is something about the cooler, darker days that gets me thinking about baking!

    Thank you, Nicola.

  14. Thanks for coming by, Steve. It isn't just a food blog though it seems like it sometimes.:<)

  15. Cooking is not a frequent activity with me, though I did sweeten the last batch of my homemade applesauce with strawberry rhubarb jam, a fine combination. So I may give this recipe a try.
    Detectives Beyond Borders
    "Because Murder Is More Fun Away From Home"

  16. That really sounds good Nan and there isn't even a whole lot of sugar in it really, considering it has rhubarb.

    I always wondered where the saying "easy as pie" came from. I always struggled. Nnow I go with the store-bought crusts too.

  17. That looks so delicious. I haven't had rhubarb for years...always makes me think of my Mom.

  18. You're back you're back you're back!

    And with recipes!

    I've never used the frozen pie crusts. Always made my own. Secret is to keep that butter and flour cold, use a marble slab to work on. Wrap the dough up and refrigerate again. Then roll out. As long as the chunks of butter in the raw crust remain cold, you get a nice flaky crust when you bake.

    Use a hand pastry blender - sort of looks like a whisk but in the shape of a "U" and with a wooden handle. There is no greater satisfaction than working with your hands.

    I still have my pie weights from years ago - just a jar full of raw rice!

    Gotta try this rhubarb version.

    Enjoy Nan! Enjoy it all!!

  19. Oh my - that looks mouth-wateringly delicious! I wish I was more of a baker. I'll have to settle for being an enthusiastic appreciator of good baking. Yum!

  20. Peter, you can't go wrong with this. It really couldn't be easier. :<) Your concoction sounds wonderful.

    Sallie, it is delicious.

    Susan, I wrote about my rhubarb connection a couple years ago. I'll see if I can find it...

    Alright, Jeff, I say 'uncle.' I'm going to email you to get exact directions on how to make crust. :<) I have that kind of blender and I have a marble slab. So there are no excuses.

    Nan, this is a recipe for any non-baker. It couldn't be easier.


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