Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Dear Agatha!

Today is the 120th anniversary of the birth of Agatha Christie.

Today only, Agatha fans will enjoy searching here.

There is a month long blog tour here.

And you may visit here for all sorts of Agatha Christie fun!


  1. Happy Birthday, Agatha, and thanks from all of us who write cozy mysteries, inspired by your example!

  2. Happy Birthday Agatha Christie!!! Love her books!

  3. Thanks for those links. Next year I am making time for Christie!!

  4. Really? I should take a copy of Murder at the Vicarage down tonight for a special birthday read!

  5. NAN -- thanks for the google link! We have I-google as our home page, so we don't see the clever once in a while tag lines like this one. I loved it -- doesn't it just put you right in that parlour!

    I think I told you that you and other Agatha bloggers reminded me of how much I love her books -- and I'm reading (or re-reading)them whenever I can get my hands on one. But not in order like that one challenge -- that's too hard for me.

    Thanks again for the reminder and links.

  6. I'm so pleased you all took the time to write! I've read two books by her this month in celebration!

  7. In honor of the anniversary,
    I'm watching a Poirot mystery tonight and tomorrow picking up The Labours of Hercules at the library. I posted some of my favorite Agathas over on my blog as well. Christie is one of my all time favorite authors. It's great to celebrate with fellow bloggers and readers!

  8. Happy BDay Agatha! You're one of my favourites :)
    and thanks for the links Nan, I'm sure to enjoy them...have a happy Thursday!

  9. Yvette and Niki, it is wonderful there are still so very many fans out there! What a writer! I read somewhere that only the Bible and Shakespeare outsell her!


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