Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Mrs Bale isn't used to this!

Mrs Bale wishes that dart board were a fan today!

According to Mark Breen, a heat wave in our area is three or more days in a row with temps over 90º F. And we are having one right now! He said this is the first one in seven years. What better song to play than this one by Martha and the Vandellas? It is still just as great as it was all those years ago. This song plays in the early moments of one of my favorite movies, Frequency. Have you seen it? I might just watch it again tonight for maybe the tenth time!


  1. Great song. Hope you are not suffering too much in the heat. It is pleasantly warm here in Wales at the moment, we have had a beautiful summer SO FAR.

  2. Welcome to my world. Only it will probably last at least a month. UGH... It is also dry here. I am hoping the small chance of rain does indeed produce some much needed moisture at the end of this week. Poor Mrs Bale. I hope she survives. I bet you don't have air conditioning.

  3. I love that you post Mrs Bale pictures on your weather-related posts; so perfect!

    Scrolled down to read your building posts and looks like your project is going very well! -- I wish we'd had a digital camera back in the days when we were doing home building and remodeling -- it was such an integral part of our life and we have few if any photos of those projects.

  4. Nan, I am sorry about your heatwave. I know that temps like that are not common for you. And I know you're not prepared for them like we are.

    Loved the song. Glad no one could see me as I had to get up and dance around the room. You can't sit still and listen to "Heatwave"!!

  5. What a perfect song for the heat wave we are experiencing in the suburbs of New York City. Our garden is desperately in need of a cool, rainy day.

  6. Not so bad, Cait, as long as I'm in front of a fan. Every room has one! This sun and heat is wonderful for the flowers and veg so I can't complain. As Mrs Bale would say, 'mustn't grumble!' :<)

    Lisa, you're right. It seems worse to us because of no air-conditioning. More and more public places and even private homes around here have it. Unheard of when I was a girl. I guess we expected summer to be hot sometimes and just lived with it. I have lotsa fans, and they are just perfect - much like the woodstove in winter.

    Thank you, Sallie. I have fun with her! I so adore the character. I sure know what you mean - the ease of the digital camera is wonderful.

    Kay, I LOVE the idea of you dancing!!

    Bella, we just watered the garden last evening- something we haven't had to do much in the past few summers.

  7. I love Frequency! It's an unusual movie but it entertains both heart and mind for me.

    It's definitely a heatwave here in the D.C. area. At work, we're turning off lights to save energy.

  8. Mark Breen and Steve Maleski were household names during the years we lived in VT--how nice to read mention of the weather as foretold from the St. Johnsbury observatory.

  9. Christy, I feel like I could write a thesis on that movie! It has so much to say.

    Still hot...

    Morning's Minion, I love your comment!!

  10. It's a "Heatwave" here in western Oregon too. 98 degrees today and same expected tomorrow. For us, that is HOT. Thank you for the great video.

  11. Kay, it doesn't seem to be going away, does it?!


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