Monday, July 5, 2010

The Making of a Home - part 2

It has been almost six weeks since I wrote the first installment of The Making of a Home, and there has been a lot of progress in that time.

arrival of the foundation forms

in place

Preparing to pour the cellar floor

first the stones

then the insulation

then the radiant heat tubing on cellar floor

Sadly, we didn't get pictures of the cement actually being poured.

forms gone, cement done, foundation backfilled

the leach field

and septic tank

arrival of the building materials!

closeup of a log

building materials neatly piled

drilling the well! Tom had to turn the camera to get a full shot

the well head and temporary cap

electric wires have been strung

There is plenty of wildlife. One day Matthew was down at the building site, and the man from across the main road stopped by to say he had seen two bears on their land. Matt had heard rustling the day before in the woods. They have also seen moose tracks. And I saw the little brown rabbit nearby one day.

In the first installment, I told you a building story about the placement of the house. This time our story comes from a man who stopped by the other day. It turns out he was an engineer hired by the bank to make sure the foundation is on the correct land. Sounds silly? Well, this is what he told Tom. There was a guy who had bought two acres and it seemed so huge to him that he thought he owned the whole forest, because he had moved from a 40' X 80' city lot. He told the builder to put the foundation "over there" because it had a better view. When the engineer checked, part of the foundation was on the neighbor's land. Oops!


  1. Thank you for bringing us all along on this journey. I can't wait for the next installment.

  2. Oh, Clair, I'm so very pleased you are enjoying it. We're just waiting for the builders now!

  3. "Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House"!
    You must watch it!!

  4. It's grand that you have kept a record like this and that you are sharing it.

  5. This is so exciting to watch (from a distance!) the progress! I'm almost afraid to share your posts with Rod, though. He'll have us packed and moving into M & M's house before they can! ;)

  6. Wow Nan, they have accomplished alot! I'm really jealous, I have always wanted a log house.

  7. Nan, I'm confused as last week you were redoing hardwood floors and this week you are building a house?? Or, is this an addition? Either way, I am enjoying the progress...LOL

  8. Pamela, I LOVE that movie!!

    Cait, thank you. I wanted to keep track of the work for the kids.

    Les, ha, ha!!

    Sherri, and the layout is so well thought out! Stay tuned for inside shots - maybe in the fall!

    Diane, if you click on 'first installment' you'll see what I am talking about! It is our daughter and her boyfriend's house on land we gave them.

  9. How exciting. I was wondering just this week if there was much progress on the house. I am so happy for them. Like I said...exciting.

  10. How exciting! I also love Mr Blandings (and Cary Grant)!

  11. When my brother lived in Fresno, he lived in Mr. Blanding's dream house. Well, the house they used to film the movie.

    It's always fun to see construction - step by slow step. Then Voila! It's finished.

  12. Lisa, aren't you sweet to be thinking about the house! It really is so exciting! The building should begin soon.

  13. Call me madam, it sure is!!

    Webster, isn't that the coolest thing! I hope the other fans of Mr. Blandings see your comment. I love that house.

  14. Heat in the basement? Sounds luxurious! And this is such fun to watch.

    As for the siting, you can't be too careful . . . :-)

  15. J.G., they really want their cellar to be a useable space and were told that the radiant heat would be a good way to go. And wasn't that a funny story? We loved it.


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