Friday, July 9, 2010

It was 44 years ago today

This is me on July 10, 1966, the day after I met Tom. We were at a great old lakeside dance hall which was just about halfway between our childhood homes. He came up and asked me to dance, and we've been together ever since. Amazing, isn't it?!

Sadly, I don't have a picture of Tom around that time.


  1. Congratulations on 44 years! I admire your tenacity and your bravery!

  2. Oh my goodness!! Look at you! I think I had glasses almost like that - maybe a little later. You know you look like a redhead (you kind of match the day lily in the header). I don't think I knew you were strawberry blonde.

    What a momentous day! My hubby and I have known each other since 1972 - he was 12 and I was 14.

  3. How lovely... and don't you just look happy?

  4. I left a comment earlier but think I clicked post too soon:( I love this photo of you with your shy
    'I hope you dance' with Tom all the days of your life!
    My hubby just brought home some lilies like the ones in your header. He cut them from the side of the road and proudly handed them to me...same colour and so bright and cheerful!
    Have a great weekend!

  5. This must be a lucky week - tomorrow (the 10th) is the 30th anniversary of our first date! Great picture, Nan!

  6. Happy Anniversary to two of the nicest people I've never met!

  7. Your story put a huge smile on my face! My parents have been together 43 years this September! Love that photo!

  8. Congratulations - and what do photos really matter (though it's nice to look back). Amazing and a coincidence that I should click on your post tonight when we have had a family celebration with much hilarious and happy chatter of what was and is, and what the future holds. I must catch up with your blog - time runs away and days are too short. Ann from England (UK)

  9. Congrats on such a wonderful anniversary. It is wonderful that you can remember when you met. I love those pigtails.

  10. Wuv! Twu wuv!
    YOU are adorable.

  11. I love that picture! I was five, but if I'd been older, I would have liked to have been at that dance with you all.

    Your headers are always so lovely, Nan, as is the rest of your blog. Thanks for your encouraging word today about my frequent changes, which were bugging me, but are no longer. You are always a comforting voice of reason, among other good things.

    So glad you've been with Tom these many years.

  12. Happy First Date Anniversary!! That is so cool that you have a picture from that day :)

  13. Wonderful. It happens that way sometimes--if you're lucky.

  14. You have obviously made a very good life together and I hope you will have very many more happy years.

  15. This post makes me so happy! Do you remember what song you danced to? I was 4 1/2 that summer. :)

  16. Congratulations!! That is truly something worth aspiring to. My parents have their 45th wedding anniversary next Friday; their relationship has always set an example to me, although so far I have not been quite as successful, being once divorced and once widowed.
    Love the hairdo and the specs, by the way :-)

  17. Hip Chick, those are amazing adjectives which I've never really thought about.

    Kay, those glasses are in again. I can't believe it. Yes, I did have red hair - then it got sorta blonde/white. I never know what to call it anymore, but I still think of myself as a redhead. Isn't that funny.

    Katherine, it was pure luck that my mother happened to take a picture of me that day. I was standing next to a neighbor, and I just cropped him out. :<)

    Joanne, what interesting words to put together - 'shy exuberance' - I have very intelligent readers (see Hip Chick's comment - also two words that interest me) Aren't those daylilies just the best!

    Erin, thanks!

    JoAnn, that's amazing!!

    Clair, what a nice, nice thing to say!!

    Staci, that's what I love about blogging. In the world away from a computer, I would probably be in touch with your parents instead of you. Not often are we friends with people who aren't close in age, though Tom and I do have some wonderful friends who are in their forties and younger. We feel lucky.

    Ann, what a wonderful time you'll have. I know just what you mean about time. So good to hear from you whenever you have a chance to come by.

    Lisa, about two weeks after this picture, I got my hair cut very short. It was a shock to Tom. :<)

    Colleen, you make me laugh, as always!

    Susan, I can still remember the shirt and bathing suit which is under it.

    Bellezza, and I thank you for your nice words. I love thinking of myself as a 'comforting voice of reason.' Wow!

    Cait, thank you!

    Island Sparrow, just a piece of luck that my mother happened to take this pic the very next day. I'm amazed to have it.

    Mary Lois, that's really it, isn't it? Pure luck.

    Maureen, thank you very much!

    Les, no. But I sure remember the band - in fact just last night we ran into a guy and we got talking about the place and the band. He said I've seen the Stones and Led Zeppelin and neither was as good as the band at the lake. They just did covers, but man were they good. Rod would have loved them.

  18. How cute you looked, Nan! Congrats on 44 years. David and I celebrated our 30th on June 28.

  19. That is so lovely, thank you for sharing. Such a happy story and so welcome in a world where the media continues to bombard us with misery daily.

  20. You look so happy -- as if you'd just met the love of your life, in fact! ; )

  21. Congratulations you two! I'm glad you are still dancing through life together!

  22. Librarian, the glasses look like yours in your little picture!

    Gigi, was that 30 years of marriage or knowing each other??

    Carole, the secret is to turn off the media news. :<)

    Karen, what a perfect thing to say!

    Sherri, that is so sweet!

  23. Aawww!
    It's a good job I didn't marry the boyfriend I had at that age :-)but it works for some people: congratulations.

  24. Call me madam, I wonder where he is today! Probably pining for you. :<)

  25. Nan, I love your photo and story about meeting Tom! I actually wore a similar pair of eyeglasses in the 60's. I met my hubby in 1965, also at a dance, and we're still together all these years later. Your raspberries in the header photo look so delicious.

  26. Bella, that is so great! Thank you so much for telling me.

  27. Great photo - and story. My husband and I met in 1971 - and have had many many adventures together since then.

  28. Commonweeder, that's wonderful!


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