Monday, October 8, 2007

Product placement

Some people are vegetable fans, some are meat fans, some like fruit. I am a grain girl. I do like other foods, but my basic love is grains of all sorts. They are the foundation for the way we eat. Whole wheat and bulgur and brown rice and quinoa and pasta, because indeed, semolina is a grain. And cereal. We love cereal. I've just discovered a new one and wanted to share it with you all. It is called Holly's Oatmeal. I bought the Cranberry Almond, and I'll tell you, it is delicious. I'm going to try the Goji Berry next time I order. And yes, I must get it online since my local health food store doesn't carry it, and yes, it is pricey. But, I don't smoke and I don't travel much these days. Oh, you all know the excuses we make for spending money. :<) But, I feel good food is worth it, and this oatmeal is wonderful. The package suggests cooking it with soy or cow's milk, but I just cook it in water, very, very briefly (Tom says it is raw) and add about a teaspoon of honey. Ah, perfection.


  1. I never thought I would be drooling over a description of a bowl of oatmeal. In an effort to eat food that's good for me AND delicious, I ordered a package.

  2. I love cereals too. Scotts Porage Oats is my favourite. The Scots have it with salt. I prefer it plain (no sugar)and when I've cooked it I add dried raisins and cranberries and yogurt - delicious.

    I don't think I can get Holly's Oatmeal over here.

  3. Yum, all of my blogging friends are making me very hungry this morning! Isn't it wonderful when you find a book that you gives you new ideas on ways to use your favorite things!

  4. Sounds delicious...I love oatmeal and am a cereal eater too. This oatmeal sounds delicious and the packaging is so lovely. Thanks for the link, will be visiting...



  5. I will look for this. I love oatmeal when the weather is cooler.

  6. Nan, I had my first bowl of Holly's Oatmeal this morning. I made it with milk and it is very tasty. I usually use sugar or maple syrup to spike oatmeal up a notch, but this oatmeal is so flavorful I don't need to tamper with it. It was a cold morning here and hanging on to a warm bowl of good oatmeal jump-started my day.


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