Tuesday, October 2, 2007

My favorite movie and music of the past summer

The movie and musical love of my summer was Once. I saw the preview, and went right out and bought the soundtrack, something I've never done before. I was so taken with the unique sound, the achingly beautiful voices, the tunes. And I have played it over and over ever since. Then I saw the film. It is a real original. It is a musical, it is a love story, it is quiet and simple, and to me, just perfect. I plan to buy it when it becomes available on dvd. I loved the setting, the story, the close family relationships, Marketa Irglova's clothes (!), and of course, the music. The movie takes its time to tell this little story, and there are long scenes which I thought were wonderful.

The song playing is Falling Slowly, sung by the stars of the film, Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova.

I was delighted when I showed my son the cd, and he immediately said it reminded him of the Bob Dylan cover, for this was my first thought when I saw it. I always loved that cover. I wanted to be that young, in-love couple, walking around a city. Well, that was in Greenwich Village in the 1960s, and Once is set in Dublin, which I think can be compared to that earlier place and time. It is full of young people and music and life. And my boy noticed something further, which I had missed. They are walking on a guitar!


  1. Nan thank you so much for sharing this movie... I had not heard of it, but I did go over and listen to some of the soundtrack and see the trailer. The music as you said is just beautiful! I also love the setting and yes the clothes. I will see this film, I just know I will enjoy it to the fullest. Thank you so much... By the way, I love the title too...just perfect.



  2. And I thank you, Beverly, for your thoughtful comment. It is such a good movie with great music. I've never seen anything quite like it.

  3. I want to see this movie!!!!

    Just got back from the Raul Malo concert!! I thought of you...the last song he did was his version of Bright Side of the Road!!!!!!!

    It was a great concert. Raul has the most perfect voice!!

  4. Nan, my husband's friend told him today that "Tara should see Once - she would love it." I guess it's meant to be. It's playing at the neighborhood theater...

  5. I loved this song and will want to see the movie. Hope it comes to my town. Bob Dylan is my all time favorite performer and artist. There is a similarity in the covers.
    I know I said this before, but I love your header picture.

  6. I listened to some of the soundtrack today at work. Wonderful!! Thanks for the heads-up for the movie and music. Definitely a must-see.

  7. Laura, you are so lucky. He has the best voice! And "our" Ray's song!

    Tara, what a surprise to read your comment. Amazing. I think your husband will like it, too. Tom thought it wonderful.

    Violet Lady, I hope you can see it. It is so good.

    Les, I know you'll love it.

  8. Nan, I saw it. I did love it. The only problem, for me, was the accents - I couldn't always hear everything being said - and I really wanted to. I was able to fall into the rhythm after a while. I loved the music, I'm on the hold list for it at the library now. It was just so touching, so gentle, it's amazing they are not 'actors'. Do you know they're dating in real life now?

  9. Hi Nan,
    (From another Nan.) Thanks for visiting my blog! Isn't that interesting that we both love the movie Once, and we both posted about it!? Your review was much more complete than mine, and I hadn't seen the parallel to the Dylan album cover at all until you pointed it out. Excellent! When it comes to me and movies, I am always running behind the time. ("just like this train," as Joni Mitchell once said.) I too wanted to see it when it came out, and for me to see it within the same year is quite something. Thank goodness for Netflix! Again - thanks for sharing. I will need to read back into your archives since I just discovered your blog around the holidays this past year.


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