Tuesday, October 2, 2007

At this moment - indoors

I thought I would offer an at this moment in an indoors version. This is what I see:

The computer screen

The telephone table and view out the south facing windows.

Books, pottery bowls made by a friend, my mother's desk.

And behind me is our built-in bookcase.

I hear the washing machine going.
I smell bread just baked.
I taste that bread. :<)
I feel the afternoon warmth of the room.

And again, I would so enjoy reading about your moments.


  1. I can't show a moment right now cause I just got home from a ten hour day!!! Booo!!!! But, I enlarged the picture of your bookshelves and still count not make out any titles...any chance for some close up picture of what books are on your shelves???? That is my favorite thing to do...look at other people's books!

  2. I'm with Laura. I've also worked a long day and then came home to a messy house. But at least it's my mess... Thanks for sharing your beautiful home with us. Your blog is a joy, a few minutes of pleasure. The view out your window reminds me of my childhood farm.

  3. Thanks Laura and Patrice. I'll try to take some closeups, Laura, but they tend to not come out so well. I'm the same way; I love to see what titles are on the shelves - even in catalogues or magazines! Patrice, what a nice thing to say. Where was your childhood farm?

  4. I so love seeing the iMac!!!


  5. Nan, I just want to jump into those pictures and go through your books while eating a piece of freshly baked bread! I will refrain from showing you what I see right now...it's not pretty! I haven't done much cleaning since hurting my back.

  6. Nan, I have enjoyed your beautiful blog, the recipes, the flowers, the animals. Thanks for the visits to your farm and table.


  7. I ejoy each of my visits with you. Ilove the view from the inside Mary at Dasisy bouquet

  8. Oh what a nice place to visit! Thnak you for your wonderful comments on the movie. The song is beautiful. I think I will rent it when I can and watch it with my sister and my mom. Better get to the movies and preview it. I bet the sound track is as good as it sounds. Thanks so much for sharing.

  9. What a nice room to ralaxe in, and such great bookshelves. One can not have to many, at least I don't think so. Also the sound track sounds wonderful. Thank you for sharing your moments with us.

  10. It is so much fun to peek into other people's lives. My moment right now is quiet evening. Husband and dog and cats are asleep and it is my time.

  11. I have been thinking about a chair like yours in my living room just because they are so comfortable. It's a lovely home!

  12. Mari-Nanci, a Mac fan!!

    Tara, I hope you are better soon.

    Violet Lady, I agree. I love seeing people's homes on their blogs. It is better than a magazine because they are real.

    Carla and Mary Isabella and AndyLynne, thank you all for visiting and taking the time to make your nice, nice comments. Please come again.

    Jill, we actually had the Adirondack chair in the living room for a while, but it didn't look right there. We have another one upstairs in the plant room/upstairs study. They are incredibly comfortable and LL Bean offers them in wonderful colors.

  13. I loved seeing your bookshelves. And I spied a quilt hanging on the wall by the desk. That desk is wonderful by the way! The Adirondack chair is a cute touch in your room. I remember you showing it once before. It really adds a sweet country feel to that space.

    ~~ Heidi ~~


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