Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Follow-up on resolution

It is very clear from all the comments you left that many people truly understand about this book buying thing. I wanted to tell (and show) you what I've done. I had the best time the other day. First of all I rearranged some chairs in my kitchen and set up a bookcase. Then I walked around to all the bookshelves choosing books, just as if I were in a bookstore except I had already paid for these books! I spent a very enjoyable time thinking about what I really, really want to read. I saw books I've had for years which have sat sadly neglected, and maybe even forgotten about, on the shelves. I filled the bookcase, and plan to do my reading from there (in addition to the celebrate the author challenge books) in the near (and far) future. If I'm tempted to buy a book, I'll just come and look at all those books, and surely I will find one I am just as excited to read, right? My next resolution is to sit down more often to do that reading. I get caught up in other things, and I miss it when I don't read often or long enough.


  1. Nan, I just love seeing your photos and picturing you in your house. They're such good ideas to gather the books together for celebrate the author challenge and to pick from your bookshelves as if you were in a bookshop! I think there is almost as much pleasure in choosing books as in reading them.

  2. I agree completely with the "shop from your own shelves" philosophy. I have several shelves double-stacked and when I peek behind I'm always finding a book that I had forgotten that I even owned. My husband truly doesn't understand why I need to buy any more books. I have so many and....I WORK IN A LIBRARY! At least that's what he says.

    I think I may try your idea. Just have to find some empty space or make some empty space. Your little nook looks so cozy. I can tell that you are settling your nest for winter.

  3. We must think alike Nan, I have subscibed to the Honey Garden site for some time now, I really enjoy reading their news letter. Although I live at the other end of the world I love learning about and reading from bee/garden/honey/book sites.

    I am not scared of swarms, the bees are at their most docile after leaving the hive, I picked the last one up in my hands !

  4. That is a very good idea and I had been thinking of doing something similar since so many books are scattered in so many places.

  5. Thanks for this great idea! I'll try it as well. And I like your resolution too. All too often I'm moving around the house instead of sitting still.

  6. I keep trying to put myself on a book buying stop and it never works. Right now I think my two current orders will fall through as our cc number has been stolen and we have to put a stop on it this morning but that is another story. I too have been picking books I want to read in the coming winter and they are in a large cutlery tray on my bed. I like seeing them there during the day too. That was where you saw the Robin Paige books.

    I love your having set up a reading place in your kitchen. I envy you having the space to be able to do it but then, dear Nan, you do already know that I covet your entire kitchen! :) I see your dog is already there enjoying the space.

    ~~ Heidi ~~

  7. Nan, what a great idea, I've thought of doing something similar with my own books. I think I have the same bookcase you show here (except mine is double shelved and there are stacks on top of it).


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