Wednesday, October 17, 2007

October Light

October Light
Robin and Linda Williams, from their Deeper Waters album.

Each day we walk up on the hill
And watch the setting sun
Play on the trees and fields until
It falls and day is done
Yellow, orange, blue and rose
The colors neon bright
The evening sky is all aglow
With this October Light

We sit together in the swing
Our faces to the west
And talk of what tomorrow brings
And what today has left
We trace the dimming day
As dusk fades to night
So we don’t miss a single ray
Of this October Light

Oh the long dark shadows eulogize
The sun fleeing southward in the sky

There ain’t no saving daylight
When the tenth month comes around
September’s memories take flight
As heaven’s lamp turns down
So we feast on eventide
Cause November’s chilling bite
Is waiting on the other side
Of this October Light


  1. I was able to listen to a snippet of this song at the iTunes Store. So lovely is the harmony of their voices!

  2. That's great, Grace. It is such a beautiful song.

  3. I love both of these. Thank you for sharing.



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