Sunday, November 24, 2019

Quote du jour/From television program Frankie

A doctor and a nurse are talking about a man with  multiple sclerosis who is trying alternative treatment.

Nurse: "Mostly healthy eating and an exercise regime. He got it off the internet."

Doctor: "What did patients do before the internet?"

Nurse: "We just asked our Gran. She knew everything. Like the internet but without the mucky bits."


  1. That is so true, isn't it! And the bit about healthy eating and exercise - it sounds so self-understood, and although I dare say there is nobody left in our society who does NOT know this simple fact, and yet so many of us do neither.

  2. Sometimes it was funny at the surprise on our children's faces, before I was reluctantly dragged onto the internet back in 2011, when I already knew things they had just learned from the internet. How did I know that, they'd wonder. Because I had read it years before in a little thing called books, naturally!


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