Sunday, August 11, 2019

Farm and Garden Report 2019 - First Potatoes

This year I bought a couple pounds of Yukon gold seed potatoes to plant in our new vegetable garden.  I was also given some purple potatoes from a friend who had more that she could use. These potatoes came from a nun who does the gardens at a home for elderly nuns. We ate many, but let some of them wrinkle up and sprout eyes, and we planted those as well. We have quite a good size potato patch.

This evening we dug for the first time, and found these beauties.

They are in the oven baking right now. We'll have them with pesto made with our basil; a salad made with our lettuce, tomatoes, and cucumbers; and some leftover tabouli made with our parsley! Ah, the bounty of August!

I'm sorry I haven't written more often. It has been a very busy summer with the little ones, and also planning a move for Tom's mother and step-father from Independent Living to Assisted Living. That takes place on Friday, and the kids start school in a couple of weeks so there will hopefully be more time for ye olde blogge.


  1. Nothing quite like new potatoes from the garden. Busy summers can't be helped, mine is fairly busy too right now. Just back from Swansea, delivering our grand-daughter there. We have our grandson for most of the summer hols until Sept. You're not on Facebook any more are you? I put two family photos up, will email them to you.

  2. Having your own produce to use in the kitchen and on your plate is so, so satisfying and good, isn't it! Your spuds (as I would call them) look great, and I bet they taste great, too.

  3. Ah - gorw-your-own! I can taste them now, Nan. My success was tomatoes. I bought just 4 tomato plants from a local farm shop..... baby yellow tomatoes are coming out of my ears now!! We had a really hot spell for about a month, and I was torn between too much watering or not enough (too much and the skins split). But I obviously got it right because now they won't stop producing! Time for a tray or two of halved babies in a slow oven (for "pretend" sun-dried) and then bottled in olive oil for winter pasta dinners. I think I'm so clever, but monther nature did that!

  4. Wonderful, all the things you produce in your garden that you actually eat. Those potatoes look great. Wishing that all the move for Tom's parents goes smoothly without too much stress.

  5. Your garden looks so good Nan. Yummm I would love a mess of potatoes to nosh on.

  6. Oh, Nan, what a success with those potatoes! How lovely an experiment. And do I ever know about helping older relatives downsize and move from one spot to the next. Always a good idea for them and lots of hard work for all, but in the end worth it.


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