Sunday, April 5, 2015

Spot's First Easter by Eric Hill

In the days leading up to Easter I read Spot's First Easter to Hazel Nina. She enjoyed it just as much as Spot's First Christmas which I wrote about here.

It begins with Spot and his friend Helen going off to find Easter eggs, as Spot's mother looks on. 

And the reader's fun begins!

They look outdoors

and indoors, where they find a surprise.

When all six eggs are found, the book ends so beautifully.

After the reading we had a treat. Margaret had hidden eggs around our house with little snacks inside, and Hazel Nina loved finding them.


  1. Brill post!
    Funnily enough I know this book by heart! :o)
    Happy Easter to you all xxxx

  2. I love those Spot books! I sent Miss Quinn a Duck & Goose board book and Happy Easter, Mouse board book. I love these children's books!

  3. I love these Spot books.
    What a delightful photo of Hazel Nina. She's looks so intent on her stash of treats. A wonderful, wondrous age. Happy Easter, Nan.

  4. Lovely time - just as much for you as for Hazel Nina! I remember well how excited I always was on Easter Sunday, even though I knew it had been my parents who'd hide treats and maybe a little present for me and my sister. Whenever the weather would allow for it, we'd have our Easter "hunt" in the garden, but it wasn't always possible; yesterday, too, it would have been too cold for that.

  5. Nan, thank you for reading out this lovely story to me as well! I hope you and your family had a wonderful Easter.

  6. Cute book and even cuter Nina. Happy Easter Nan. I know these little people sure make the holiday.

  7. Love that Spot! Precious picture of Hazel and her egg. :-)

  8. Oh happy days of reading Spot to my Kiddo. Sounds like you all had a Happy Easter.

  9. When we were getting our Oregon home ready to sell, I discovered two of those Eggs with dimes inside in planter boxes on the deck. The grandkids who used to be Hazel Ninas age were, at that time, in their teens. Those eggs had been forgotten for quite a while. ))) sweet memories then and now reading your post.


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