Monday, February 24, 2014

Hazel Nina goes to the library!

On January 13, Tom and I went to visit our brand new town library. 

Here is Tom, standing under the faux tree entrance to the children’s section. That evening we were imagining Hazel, who was then only a little over a month old, going into that very room. 

And today she did! 

She pretty much slept all the way through her first visit.

After we left, Margaret had to pop into the store, and while she was gone I read to my granddaughter for the first time - a wonderful book that wasn't around when my kids were little. How could I resist when Hazel's grammy's name is in the title. It's all about a little girl who loves everything fancy - fancy words and fancy clothes.

She despairs of her plain family,

and comes up with an idea to help them become fancier.

And it works!

The book ends so beautifully.

Though my dear little granddaughter slept through the first book I read her, 

I expect I'll read it to her again and again as time goes by.


  1. Perfect read for the first time. What a sweetie. Lucky to have such a nice library.

  2. A brand new library, how exciting! It certainly looks like the kind of place I could have spent hours at as a child.
    The "Fancy Nancy" book is superb! I must ask my Mum whether she remembers what was the first book she ever read to my sister, and then to me. There are a few possible candidates, but I can't be sure.

  3. What a little beauty she is! Hooray for the new library. I think you should read every book in the children's section to Hazel. :)

  4. My granddaughters love the Fancy Nancy books, especially Clara. It's never too soon to begin visiting the library!

  5. LOVE those cheeks! Enjoy…(isn't it fun?)

  6. I love it, you sound so happy and Margaret looks so radiant. How wonderful for you both.

  7. Everything about this post makes me smile :)

  8. This is wonderful Nan! Hazel Nina will grow to love the library and I bet she heard your voice reading to her as a happy dream. I hope you bought the book for her!

  9. Beautiful library, beautiful daughter and beautiful granddaughter (and a handsome husband)! What a fun day. And great choice of reading material. My little granddaughter loved Fancy Nancy when she was learning to read.

  10. What a darling girl and how she has grown, already. Won't it be fun to tell Hazel Nina one day about her first trip to the library, and her first reading of Fancy Nancy. It seems like just yesterday that our Kezzie was just about this age, asleep, and I read to her from Little Women. Love this, Nan.

  11. I am so thrilled to see pictures of your granddaughter, Nan, and how she is growing! She is so beautiful. So is your family. And can I just say - what a lovely new library you have. And there you are, reading to your new granddaughter. Even if she slept through it, the sound of your voice reading to her will be threading its way into her heart and soul and she will associate books with love.

  12. How absolutely wonderful, Nan!

    Yes, please do keep reading to her - she will always remember your voice and the stories you tell!

    - J.

  13. Beautiful!

    Fancy Nancy really is a fun one, and (if you haven't already) you'll probably come across Pinkalicious too :)

  14. SO sweet. I can tell that Hazel Nina is going to be a lifetime library-goer. :) I must get that book for my own granddaughter who is, indeed, a very fancy little person.

  15. I am so touched by all your comments. I thank you so very much and I've read each one over and over. I'm very blessed to have such kind readers.


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