Friday, November 9, 2012

Product placement/shower curtain

If you look under Letter Topics, you'll find very few 'product placements.' Of the six postings there, the camera has been replaced by one I like much better, and the crackers are not available in my area anymore. I also never buy that oatmeal now. I got rid of the tee shirt when Ben died. But the remaining two are still very popular here at Windy Poplars. Sadie gets her Sea Jerky every day, and at eight years old her legs are stronger than they were seven years ago. The pudding makes its way into the shopping cart occasionally.

In the US, people of both political parties bemoan the fact that so very little is made in our country anymore. I was delighted to find that the cotton duck shower curtains sold by The Vermont Country Store are made in Vermont with US grown cotton. A minor miracle in these times. And I don't find the cost prohibitive at all because these curtains last a long time. All you have to do is wash them occasionally, and hang them to dry. They are thick enough so water doesn't get through, eliminating the need for a liner. And you aren't throwing away those awful, stiff plastic things that take forever to biodegrade.

This is what the company has to say:
We didn't believe it 'til we tried it, but it's true: You can have a cotton shower curtain and your bathroom will stay dry. Which means you can get rid of that annoying, billowing liner that clings to your legs and cuts your showering room in half. Our 10 oz. 100% cotton duck fabric shower curtain's tenacity and tight weave ensure that water won't seep through. Available in 65" X 72" bathtub shower or 38" X 72" shower stall. Machine wash, line dry. Made here in Vermont.

    • Fabric shower curtain has rustproof metal grommets that won't tear out
    • Machine wash and line dry; any wrinkles disappear after hanging
    • Cotton shower curtain available for shower stalls or bathtub showers
    • Tightly woven 10 oz. 100% cotton duck fabric shower curtain will not let water seep through
    • Made in Vermont
At The Vermont Country Store we say it's curtains for the shower liner: Our heavy-duty cotton shower curtain is a solo act.

You may buy your own here. And if you buy two in the next month, you can get free shipping. Or you could buy one and buy some other great products they offer to add up to $65.

The Vermont Country Store Christmas Delivery Cut-Off Dates*

Enter Promotion Code FSPW36 in Your Shopping Bag

*Valid on in-stock items only. Not valid on previous purchases, sales of gift cards, product exchanges, or duties and taxes. Surcharges may apply due to size, weight, or special handling required. Multiple-address orders must have at least a $65 value to each location to qualify for Free Shipping. Not to be combined with any other promotions. Expires 12/12/12 at midnight ET.

In addition to all these positive factors, the curtains are beautiful. I have both the white one, and the blue tick stripe.

You can see the part that got wet during today's showers. The cotton duck absorbs the water. Also, I wanted to show you that it is wide enough to fit on the curved shower rod. Truly a perfect product.

Addendum: from the dictionary:

Cotton duck

Cotton duck (from Dutch doek,"linen canvas"), also simply duck, sometimes duck cloth or duck canvas, commonly called "canvas" outside the textile industry, is a heavy, plain woven cotton fabric. There is also linen duck, which is less often used.
Duck is used in a wide range of applications, from sneakers to use for artists' paintings to tents to sandbags.[1]
Duck fabric is woven with two yarns together in the warp and a single yarn in the weft.[citation needed]


Van Gogh, Vincent, Self-portrait with Bandaged Ear, Easel and Japanese Print, January 1889

Oil on canvas, 60 × 49 cm

Courtauld Institute Galleries, London (F527). Van Gogh wears a coat made from cotton duck.
Duck is classified according to weight in a numerical system, with grade 1 the heaviest and grade 12 the lightest variety. Besides this, traditional names exist, which are rarely used today.
A numbering system is used to describe the various weights of duck cloth, based on the weight of a 36×22-inch piece. Weights below 19 ounces are called numbered duck. The grade of numbered duck refers to the number of ounces subtracted from 19 for a 36×22-inch piece of fabric. For example, a piece of #8 numbered duck with dimensions of 36"×22" weighs 11 ounces (19 − 8 = 11); those above 19 ounces are called naught duck.[2]
Numbered duck is nominally made in weights from 1 to 12, but numbers 7, 9, and 11 are no longer used. Some typical uses of various grades (with weights in ounces) are[1]:
  • #1 (18 oz): hammocks, cots, sandbags
  • #2 (17 oz): hatch paulins
  • #3 (16 oz): heavy-duty bags
  • #4 (15 oz): sea bags
  • #5 (14 oz): heavy work clothes
  • #6 (13 oz): large boat covers, heavy work clothes
  • #8 (11 oz): work clothes, clothes bags
  • #10 (9 oz): work clothes, shower curtains
  • #12 (7 oz): light clothes


  1. Is it wrong for me to admit that I got to the picture and thought, "But where are the ducks?" Ahhh, yes, you tricky homonyms...

  2. Now I wish I had a shower rail they sound great!

  3. I love the Vermont Country Store! Have you been to the store Nan? It's great fun. I love cloth shower curtains too although we don't need one anymore we have a sliding door now. I really enjoyed all the vintage candy they have at the store!

    1. Yes, many years ago.
      And I've been known to buy some of that candy through the mail.:<)

  4. Just like sprite, I was wondering, too, why there aren't any ducks on the shower curtain...

  5. This sounds just what I could do with - I so know what they mean about the shower curtain clinging to your legs!

    1. Well, that is definitely a huge advantage of this curtain.

  6. I know that Sprite and Librarian were kidding but it got me thinking that maybe this isn't a familiar term so I added the addendum with a definition of 'cotton duck.'

  7. Enjoyed this post so much! I get their catalogs as well and love the food section best---of course!
    They used to have sage cheddar cheese, but I see they haven't carried it for a few years. It was so good.

    1. There's a Vermont farm which sells the sage cheddar, and it looks like they send it via mail.

    2. That is so nice of you- thanks! Perhaps for Christmas...hmmm. Or should say yummmm ;')

  8. I've been looking for a heavy cloth shower curtain, but I guess I was using the wrong search terms. I didn't think of ducks ;-)

    Other such curtains I've seen are much more expensive and don't come in that delightful blue tick pattern. Thanks for the tip to Vermont General Store - now I just have to hope that they will ship to Canada!

    1. Hey, I checked the website:

      Can you ship my order outside the USA?
      Absolutely. To ensure accurate delivery outside the USA or to an FPO/APO address, please use the following procedures: Shop our site and place items into your shopping basket. When you have completed your shopping, print a copy of your shopping basket. Please contact us by telephone or fax and we will be happy to assist you.

  9. We have the curved shower rod as well, and it makes all the difference in room in the shower. I love the curved rod.
    I glanced a bit at the site, but there was no info about shipping to Canada (I could call the number.) It reminded me a bit of LL Bean, which always offers free shipping to Canada. I order from LL Bean all the time.

    1. See what I wrote to Debbie above. :<) It isn't free but they do ship outside the US.


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