Monday, November 14, 2011

Today's poem by Nellie Womack Hines


My very heart’s desire is safe
within thy walls;
The voices of my loved ones, friends who come,
My treasured books that rest in niche serene,
All make more dear to me thy haven sweet.
Nor do my feet
desire to wander out except that
they may have the glad return at eventide-
Dear Home

Home! my very heart’s contentment lies within thy walls.
No worldly calls hath power to turn my eyes
in longing from
thy quietness. Each morn
when I go forth upon the duties of
the day
I wend my way
content to know that eve will bring me
safely to thy walls again.
Dear Home.

Nellie Womack Hines


  1. Quite beautiful. Thankyou - I did not know of this.

  2. I am glad I called by. I LOVE this poem and it sums up how I feel about home, thanks so much for posting. The Larsson pic is a new one on me too and he is one of my favourite artists.

  3. The poem is lovely, Nan - and the header picture delightful! I enjoy your photographs too, and the last one was terrific!

  4. This is lovely. One of my favorite words is "home." Have you seen this video? I can't remember where I first saw it, but I've got the original song on a cd. It's by Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros.

  5. So eloquently expressed! My feelings exactly about my home; my refuge and my sanctuary.

  6. Ann, I looked all over the internet to find out more about the writer and couldn't find a thing. I don't know when or where she lived, or what she looked like.

    Cait, it's such a lovely little poem. I wish I knew something about the poet. I'm very fond of CL's work, too.

    Tia, thank you for all your nice words!

    Les, I hadn't seen it. Amazing. And then I clicked on the you tube of them on Ellen. She saw the video and asked them on the show.

    Jill, I'm glad you liked it. As I wrote above, I wish I knew something about the writer.

  7. Oh my gosh, Les. Here is the little sister!

  8. Love the picture, Nan. We went to the Larsson house on our trip to Sweden last year and it was wonderful to see the rooms I already knew so well from the prints hanging in my house!

  9. Lucky, lucky, Nicola! I'd love to go to Sweden and I'd love to see that house!

  10. Love the Carl Larsson picture. Like Norman Rockwell, he evokes a simpler age. Whether or not it truly was a better one, we'll never know, but it's nice to dream that it was.

    As always a fascinating post. Hugs

  11. Lovely poem. I too am a Larsson fan, and have some framed cards on the walls as well as several postcards that fall out of well-loved books.

  12. Canadian Chickadee, I think there are people in every time who see the best and write about it or paint it. I love a positive, cheery attitude.

    Susan, yes!

    Carole, I'd love to see them. I have a little book but nothing on the walls.

    Ernestine, and you are lucky! So many seem to use their homes as a quick stop on the way to somewhere else, or just a place to sleep before leaving again.

  13. Dear Home Indeed!
    Love this poetry Nan, as I have been enjoying more stay at home time and just loving it!
    Thanks for sharing,
    P.S. Also am in love with Carl Larsson's art!

  14. Joanne, I wish I could find out about her. Maybe you could at your library?? :<) I think she's from the US, maybe the South.

  15. Marvelous!!! I may use this on my blog one of these days.

    Funny story. I pulled up your blog and saw the first lines of your post and thought, hmmm, I think I've read this already. Then I realized I hadn't, but I was fairly certain another blogger had posted a poem about "Home" as well. I searched and searched and finally found it. Take a look here.

    Oh, dear. I'm really losing it! I just scrolled down and saw an earlier comment...from me! So, I have seen this post already. Good grief! Can I blame my confusion on the fact that I probably read the post the first time on my iPad in my Reader and this time on my computer? Please? ;)

  16. Les, you'll never find me posting a poem about 'hungering for red meat.' Ha!
    But what a story about your search for where you read this poem. Very, very funny.
    I'm actually going through something similar. Usually, no always except for this one instance, when I read a blog and like it, I bookmark it in a folder I keep called 'new visits.' Well, a couple weeks ago I did visit someone's blog, I think through someone else's bloglist. And I cannot find it again. I've gone to many bloglists in a vain attempt to find it, but I can't. I keep hoping she'll stop by here, but ...


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