Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sunday Supper - Buttermilk Waffles

I realized that not only have I stopped writing about Sunday Suppers, I've stopped making those special, weekly breakfast-for-supper meals. Well, I'm going to start anew this first Sunday in November because both Tom and I love these sorts of suppers: waffles, pancakes, bread puddings, etc.

With Weekend Cooking on Saturdays and Sunday Supper on Sundays, it looks like Letters from a Hill Farm will be all about food on the weekends. Please do stop by for a bite to eat!

Because that buttermilk in the fridge runs out tomorrow, I chose buttermilk waffles for this return of the Sunday Suppers. The recipe comes from the Joy of Cooking.

Buttermilk Waffles

Sift together:
2 cups all-purpose flour
1/4 teaspoon baking soda
1 1/3 teaspoons baking powder (you may wing it on that 1/3 t. - did they used to have such a measuring spoon??)
1 Tablespoon sugar
1/2 teaspoon salt

Beat in a separate bowl until light:
2 egg yolks
Add and beat:
1 3/4 cups buttermilk
6 Tablespoons melted and cooled butter

Combine the liquid and dry ingredients with a few swift (don't you love that word?) strokes.

Beat until stiff, but not dry:
2 egg whites
Fold them into the batter. I use a rubber spatula to do this.

Cook in greased waffle iron.

Serve with anything you wish: confectioners sugar, fruit, maple syrup. We used the latter tonight.

P.S. If you'd like more such recipes, you may scroll down to 'Letter Topics' and click on 'Sunday Supper.'

In the waffle iron

On the plate



  1. "The Joy of Cooking" will never lead you astray! I may try this- Waffles look great.

  2. What a perfect looking waffle! I've meant to tell you that I've nearly become proficient with your sour cream apple pie. My boys love it (not as easy as you might think) and it is conservative with sugar (which is very important to me)and isn't lacking in flavor or goodness. Thanks for all your postings and creative, yet doable recipes.


  3. Oh, Nan, between the buttermilk cookies and buttermilk pancakes I feel a few calories coming on. I've been on a bit of a baking binge myself lately - cooler weather always brings out the cookie recipes.

    I have my mother's waffle iron. It is older than me, and I'm soon to be 62, and it still works great, making the two side waffles with smaller squares. We never have waffles for breakfast - always for supper. I'm not sure why, but, it is so.

    Thank you for the recipes.

  4. Oh, Nan, I had visions of that buttermilk growing legs and escaping out of your fridge at speed! :)

    Seriously though those waffles look delicious. I've never made any - I must try.

  5. Mmmm this looks delicious! And I bet it smells that way, too!

  6. I've used this recipe and the waffles turn out so light and airy! I was in need of a dinner idea for tonight (Rod teaches until 7:30), so I'll be sure to pick up some buttermilk when I make a grocery run. I made buttermilk pancakes (traditional and oatmeal) the other day, but one can never have enough of any of these delicious treats.

  7. Oh, these look divine!! I love waffles. But I've never made any from scratch. I just buy the blueberry waffles from the frozen section at the store.

    Reading your post though, has put me in a mood for pancakes. So, now I'm off to make some for lunch. Who says you can't have breakfast for lunch? :)

  8. Glad to see your Sunday Supper posts back - I love them!

  9. Hello Nan, I have just linked from my blog to yours and hope that is OK - of course I will remove the link instantly if you are not happy about it, just let me know.

  10. That's right, Betsy! Did you see Julie&Julia? Some interesting insight into the Joy of Cooking in that film.

    Hey Bill(y)! Always so happy when you leave me a note. I call out to Tom and he comes and reads it, too. These waffles are great. You could leave out the sugar and go easy on the maple syrup and be all set. I ought to make that apple pie again. It's been too long. I'm so pleased it has worked out for you and your boys!

    Pamela, I'd say hop in the car and drive up, but they're all gone. And for Edward's and Apple's information, Sadie loved them. :<)

    Penny, hope you get to try them - both are great! I love buttermilk in baked goods.

    Margaret, do you have a waffle iron? I wrote about mine here, if you are interested:

    Librarian, and tastes delicious. :<)

    Les, I feel the same way about waffles, and pancakes, and french toast. :<)

    Yvette, if you want some waffle recipes, there are quite a few under the 'recipes' tab. This could be a whole new adventure for you - homemade waffles!!

    What a very nice thing to say, Kathie! I so appreciate you taking the time to do so.

    Librarian, of course you can!!!!!

  11. Mm, they look wonderful! Eggs and waffles is one of my hubby's favorite "brinner" meals. =)

  12. Yum is right. I love a supper of waffles but I don't do it very often. I should. You know this is the second use of buttermilk in the last few weeks. I have it on my shopping list this week because I want to try your cookies with buttermilk. Now I have another idea for it.

  13. Mouse, I love that- 'brimmer'

    Margot, there are some more recipes using buttermilk under the 'recipes' tab. I am wild about the stuff!

  14. Re SS posts - when I first discovered your blog, I went all through your archives reading the Sunday Supper posts. I'm truly a fan!

  15. Kathie, I can't tell you how much that pleases me. Thanks for coming back to tell me.

  16. We have 'breakfast for supper' about once a week during the winter months--usually waffles with maple syrup and home canned fruit such as applesauce, peaches or pears. Sometimes I add a few slices of turkey bacon as a side.
    A nice variation is Amish Apple Pancakes from the Morning Ramble blog.

  17. Morning's Minion, there are so many different pancake and waffle recipes and it is fun to try them. Sometimes they vary in just a small ingredient or amount but it makes a difference. I haven't had any yet I don't enjoy!


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