Friday, August 19, 2011

Malice in the Highlands by Graham Thomas

52. Malice in the Highlands - first in the Erskine Powell series
by Graham Thomas
mystery, 1998
second reading
Kindle book, 30
finished, 7/31/11

Since I've been buying books for my Kindle, Amazon has been recommending Malice in the Highlands. I recalled reading it years ago and not caring for it very much, so I have resisted. But one day I decided to give it another try. I still didn't love it to pieces, but I did find it a pleasant read, and am interested enough in the sleuth to go on with the series.

Detective Chief Superintendent Erskine Powell is on his annual fishing vacation in Scotland. He is somewhat burnt out from his job which has changed as he has risen through the ranks. He now spends more time 'mired in the administrative morass' than apprehending criminals. He always stays at the Salar Lodge Hotel which has fishing rights on the River Spey. He gets a letter from an old school friend who is a bit down on his luck and Powell invites him to spend some time at the Lodge. Very soon a body is found in the river, and it turns out to be the new owner of the local estate, a wealthy Canadian. Thus, does Powell's vacation end. He now devotes his time to solving the crime.

The facets I didn't like when I read the book before still didn't appeal to me. I'm not the least bit interested in fishing. Nor am I interested in the business affairs of the man who ends up murdered. But still, I did like Mr. Powell, and I found the other characters well-drawn. The mystery held my interest, and as noted, I shall probably continue on with the series, which is only five books. The last one was published nine years ago so it doesn't seem like there will be any more.


  1. Anything set in the Highlands automatically has my attention!

  2. That old Amazon is always dragging me into buying books that are starting to pile up dangerously on my Home page. But this one does appeal to me. Maybe just one more.

  3. Me, too, Pamela, though there was too much fishing info for me. :<)

  4. Margot, he's an interesting, complex fellow and I'll follow him to his next case. Just hoping there isn't so much fishing and financial in it. :<)

  5. Nan, I own this book and have had trouble several times getting into it. I don't know what it is, but I've given up.

    I should take a look at the later books.

    Have you read A SMALL DEATH IN A GREAT GLEN by A.D. Scott. Much easier to get into than MALICE IN THE HIGHLANDS. :)

  6. Glad you liked it even if it wasn't a favorite.
    Yes, I did see the movie of The Prestige- so far the book is a little different! :-)

  7. Yvette, isn't that interesting!
    I looked into the title you suggested and I don't think I could take the subject matter of a dead child and abused woman.

    Marie, it was worth reading for me.


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