Sunday, August 7, 2011

Food Pyramid

From the garden!


  1. Gorgeous! (We are so far away from ripe tomatoes here)
    Here's a link a friend shared on facebook today for some tomato recipes. I particularly like the look of the BLT Salad and the Stuffed Tomato with Mozzarella Cheese. Enjoy!

  2. Lovely, Nan. Our tomatoes are in full production at the moment and our freezer is quckly filling with ratatouille which we make to use in the winter.

  3. Your tomatoes are beautiful. I picked one from our garden the other day and we ate it sliced up for an appetizer...yum! It was still warm from the sun.

  4. The perfect summer supper!

    And congrats on the high speed internet -- I'm now doubly impressed by your blog now that I know you were doing it w/o a cable/DSL hookup.

  5. I had three tiny tomatoes from my plant this year. With this drought watering has been a challenge.

  6. Thanks, Raidergirl!

    Cath, what else do you put in the ratatouille??

    Jill, they were great!

    Peaceful Reader, I so love that. One of the best treats of the summer.

    Karen, yes! I made this:

    Ann, are you allowed to water??

    Barbara, they are!

  7. I've recently discovered the joy of tomato sandwiches. Just fresh tomato slices (Jersey tomatoes in this instance) and a bit of flavored mayo and the freshese bread available. Yum.

  8. Nan: I start by softening a couple of nice big onions (chopped fairly small) in oil and then add chopped courgettes (zuccini?), red pepper, lots of chopped tomatoes, a fennel, and some celery. When it's all softened and cooking nicely I add a carton of passata for body, seasonings and so on, and cook slowly for about an hour. We freeze in containers and use in the winter. Poured over chops or chicken it's very nice. On its own with pasta or rice, added to a stew... it just has so many uses and is a staple for us and a great way to use veggies from the garden.

  9. Yvette, delish!

    Cath, thanks for taking the time to come back and tell me. I've copied your recipe. Sounds great. I had to look up passata :<) -seems to be what we call tomato paste. Thanks again.

  10. Oh so yummy! I read through the comments (don't do that everywhere I visit) -- great ideas. (I am hoping we actually GET some local red tomatoes -- it was so cool last month.

  11. Sallie and Les, there is nothing in the world like a fresh tomato!


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