Monday, February 15, 2010

Traveling in my armchair

I don't think I've ever gone so long without posting, and here's the reason. I've been sitting in my living room and traveling all the way out to Vancouver for the Olympics. I'm watching as much as I can, and loving every minute. And then tonight and tomorrow night I have to go to Vancouver and then pop back to NYC for the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, my personal television highlight of the year. And tomorrow night it's even worse because I have to go to that island with the Losties for an hour. I'm getting jet-lagged just thinking about it.

I tried to read a short story for Short Story Monday but I only got halfway through it. Actually I am rethinking my participation. I think I'll do better if I go back to my own Today's Short Story since it seems that too often I don't get one read either Sunday or Monday.

I was trying to read two books at once, and have finally gotten it through my head that I just can't do that. I have to read one book at a time. So, I am happily in the pages of The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie during the hours the television isn't on.

I hope I'll write before the Olympics are over, but if not, you'll know where I am.


  1. Enjoy all your travels:) I will try to join you in NYC for all the canine fun!

  2. Nan, Did you read Dick Francis died? I enjoyed his personal story as much as his books. I 'm looking forward to more of your recipes. Thanks so much. D.

  3. We love watching as much of the Olympics as possible, too. Enjoy your armchair traveling in the next couple of weeks! By the way, a few of my students will be absent for the next week or so because their families are watching in person! It's so close they couldn't resist!

  4. I'd be watching the dog show, too! I loved The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie, and it's perfect armchair reading.

  5. Westminster is Edward's favourite too! He will sit directly in front of the television, occasionally looking at me over his shoulder as if to say..."can you BELIEVE this!!??".

  6. Nan, if you want to travel in your armchair back in time to Regency England, come over and enter my book draw. Of course riding around Bath in a sedan chair with a muff and tippet can't compete with Olympic snowboarding but I think you might like it.

  7. Nan, have fun watching the Olympics. Blogging is fun, but life is more fun. Robin had a good post today over at Fondness for Reading in this vein.

  8. I watched the men's downhill earlier, wonderful. The speeds they reach nowadays. Felt so sorry for those that fell. So different to my skiing days, many moons ago.
    My son the snowboarder, is glued to it all, and is so envious. He was in Whistler three years ago so knows all the runs.
    Take a holiday from us all Nan, you deserve it!

  9. Have fun Nan. My husband likes watching as well, but I have never been a fan of winter or summer Olympic events for some reason.

  10. What fun!! Hey, I read a short story for you today! (and I hardly ever read short stories). It was by Sherman Alexie. I love him. I am with you on the Olympics, dog show and Lost! Too much fun!

  11. You are quite the traveler!! I love watching the Olympics too!! been doing that all day! Enjoy your book...I loved it!

  12. I'm totally with you at Westminster! Are you choosing fave dog breeds again this year?

    Not so much addicted to the Olympics but I do watch some of the events.

  13. My sister is one of those people who read more than one book at a time. I have tried but given up on the idea. Last week Wedndesay, I was waiting at the airport to meet a friend; his flight was cancelled and the second one delayed (all due to the snow), and so I found myself with an unexpected 3 hours to spend on my own. What better way to spend that time than with a book? But since I was coming directly from work, all I had with me were my work things, and none of those data sheets about receipt printers makes very good reading material at the best of times.
    So I bought myself a paperback ("Juliet, Naked" by Nick Hornby) and started to read. It is a good book and I want to finish it some time, but after Wednesday, I returned to the science book I am currently reading (about the evolution of DNA, by Richard Dawkins).
    In the meantime, my sister is going to read "Juliet" :-)

  14. Nan,

    I resonated with your yesterday words when I read them this morning.

    Not that you need it, but you have my permission to enjoy all that wonderful television from the comfort of your armchair. Don't worry about us -- we'll be here when you get back.

    Sometimes it's good just to indulge in the desires of our hearts -- and not worry about the shoulds and the musts.


  15. Cheer for Kikkan with us on Wednesday (at least I think it's Wednesday)We keep reminding our kids she learned to ski in the same park that they're learning at.

    I have the Sweetness book safely collected from the library on Saturday...I'm a one book at a time person too

  16. I wish I could share your joy in the Winter Olympics but once you've seen someone hurtle down a mountain on skis, then, well, you've seen someone hurtle down a mountain on skis ... ditto on a tea tray ... Oh, I am awful, only joking, but no fun at all to watch for me!
    Margaret P

  17. Nan, you made me chuckle but it is true we can travel to so many places without leaving our favorite chairs! Enjoy!!

  18. Book Psmith, it was great last night but tonight offers the dogs I'm most serious about (except for the 4 or 5 I loved on Monday). As cute as little dogs are, I'm a big dog girl. I'll probably do a dog posting soon. :<)

    I didn't, D.. And I haven't read his personal story. Thank you for letting me know. And I'm pleased you like the recipes. I love sharing them.

    Robin, those lucky people!

    Cornflower, last night I chose 4 or 5 I wanted, and I think tonight there will be a few more. Isn't it just heaven on television to be in the company of these people who also love dogs so much! And I am enjoying the book. It isn't what I expected at all but I still like it.

    Pamela, I love it! My two slept through the whole thing though they liked the part when the announcer said to give the dogs next to you a hug. :<)

    Thanks, Maureen, I will!

    Thank you, Sheila!

    Kay, I appreciate you sending me over to Robin's. I did like it. And sometimes blogging is more fun than life. :<)

    Carole, it is amazing to watch. I love all the intricacies of the sports. I can't imagine ever doing it, though those moguls look like great fun!

    Diane, I like the winter better than summer, except for the field hockey events. I love FH.

    Laura, thank you. I'll have to see if you wrote about it. Yeah, tonight will be the viewer's own little border cross; a channel cross!

    Staci, as I wrote to Cornflower, it is very different from what I expected, though I had read very little about the actual details, I had an idea in my head.

    Margaret, I am indeed! I have a little notebook beside me and I try to jot down comments that impress me. 'gentle, loves children' etc. are always appealing. And size. I love the big dogs.
    I'm interested to compare what I've noted other years.

    Well, Librarian, I'm impressed. Wow! I haven't read a science book since high school. :<)

    Janell, I liked your words immensely!

    It'll be fun to talk about the book, Val! It must be a thrill for your kids. I loved hearing Lindsey Vonn talking about the influence Picabo Street had on her. The little ones are always paying attention.

    Margaret, and I think every one looks different. :<) I adore watching!

    Sherri, just the other day my daughter said something similar - that though she hasn't traveled a lot, she feels she has done so through reading. I loved hearing her say that.

  19. Yes, it is fun to actually have something decent to watch on tv. Have fun traveling back and forth.

  20. I've never been very good about being able to read more than one book at a time either. Hope you enjoy The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie!

  21. I love watching the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, and was so sorry to miss it this year :-( This is winter break for the schools, so we're doing some college visits with Twin A this week. No short story Monday for me either. Hope you're having a good week, Nan!

  22. Lisa, I'm actually relieved that LOST (and a most disappointing episode it was!) and the Dog Show are over. It was just too much last night, and I missed most of the Working Group of dogs which contains most of my favorites, and I missed the Men's Skating. It will be a relief to stay put in Vancouver now!

    Les, I am liking it, but as I wrote to a couple people, it is definitely not what I expected. I thought it was a young adult book, much like the Enola Holmes series, and it really isn't. This is an adult book about a young girl.

    JoAnn, I don't remember if you have a dog?

  23. Aren't the Olympics wonderful?! I love the skating especially, but some of the downhill events freak me out. I have no idea how those atheletes can be so brave, especially after the death of the luger. I'll be thinking of you while I'm watching from my own armchair.

  24. Dolce Bellezza, One of the announcers mentioned that they are made differently than the rest of us in terms of fear, speed, etc. It sure isn't me!

  25. LOVE SADIE, the big winner of AKC. What a smile that Scottie dog has.

    Remember too much tele causes flat brain waves.


    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

  26. It's even further away for us, but we're tuned in as well ans loving it!
    Still snowing here so feels like we really are in Canada!!

  27. Sharon, my Sadie is happy with the choice! My brain waves must be really flat. :<)

    Rattling On, we've had hardly any snow for weeks and weeks!

  28. No, Nan... no dog at the moment. Our old Brittany spaniel and young Bernese Mountain Dog are both gone :-( I miss having a dog around, but my husband isn't in a hurry to get another. We're still 'discussing' it...

  29. JoAnn, I'm sorry about your dogs.

    Didn't the commentator love his Brittany! What a sweet face they have. I'd like to have a Bernese someday or a Newfoundland. So many wonderful dogs.

  30. Nan! I wish I'd read this earlier! Are you still in Vancouver? We could have tea!


  31. Wait a second, I read more slowly and realized you aren't REALLY in Vancouver! Sigh! Oh well. I was excited for a second anyway. :)

  32. Colleen, you can be sure that if I were out there, I'd be in touch!! Are you going to any of the Olympics? All of the Olympics? Lucky you!

  33. I've crossed the country in my armchair, too, Nan. :) The Olympics have been wonderful. And your armchair looks like it's perfectly suited for travel. (Your header photo gives a real hint of spring!)

  34. Yes, Nancy, they have been, though the past couple nights I took a break and watched my Netflix movies. :<) It has been quite spring-like the past few days.


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