Saturday, February 6, 2010

Quote du jour/Susan Branch

From the February page of this year's calendar:

It's a toxic world but you have the power to protect yourself. Feed your life from the well of sweetness. Kind words. Good books. Music that makes your spirit soar. Movies that inspire.
Susan Branch


  1. I love this quote. But...I just love your header. Every time I see it it makes me smile and then I remember that you name is Nan and I smile even more.

  2. A timely reminder of the good things around.

  3. I like that!! I have a couple of her cookbooks, but didn't know there was a calendar.

  4. Love that quote! Wish I were the author of those beautiful sentences. Something to live by.

  5. I don't think she is know here in the U.K., at least I have never heard of her. I do like the quote though.

  6. I have her calendar on my wall as we speak...she brings such beauty and joy to a weary world.

    So does your blog!

    Thank you, Nan ~


  7. Good thoughts for February in New England. I have a bunch of good books going (Nancy Mitford's biography of Madame de Pompadour, which I recommend, and Dorothy Sayers,_The Mind of the Maker_ which is brilliant. I just finished A.S. Byatt's _The Children's Book_ (very impressive) and P.D. James fragment of autobiography, _Time to be in Earnest_. I admired it and I'm guessing you will have read it and liked it to, mystery fan that you are. Of course we are also running regularly to iTunes and trying to get outside on the sunny days. And so, winter passes.

  8. She's an awesome artist!! I love browsing through her books and even have a few scrapbook embellishments of hers!

  9. That looks like being my quote of the week, thank you.

  10. Hip Chick, I was just so amazed to find this poster for sale in a 1950s diner - of course I had to buy it! Someday I'll post about the coffee info on it.

    Pamela, isn't she just the best?!

    Margaret, that's just what I thought.

    JoAnn, it is still for sale at amazon and we are only a few weeks into the year - worth buying!

    Gigi, SB is really a wonderful soul - great artist, cookbook writer, appreciator of the good in life.

    Carole, I emailed you about the calendar at amazonuk!

    Catherine, and I thank you!

    KSV, I have the James book but haven't read it as yet. Trying to decide if I should wait till I am seventy (and freakily enough it isn't all that far away). You've been doing some great reading!

    Staci, I used to love her stickers. She has such a gift. I love her kitchen pictures especially.

    Katherine, I agree!

    Scriptor, she is just great!

  11. Am I alone insofar as I've never heard of Susan Branch!
    And back with your post on The Pantry book (which I've ordered, incidentally) ... I'd never heard of a Hoosier cabinet until reading your post, either.
    Margaret P (in the UK)

  12. Just an addition ... I've looked up Susan Branch on Amazon. A teensy weensy bit too saccharine for my taste, a little too twiddly-twee,
    Margaret P

  13. Love her art and words. Thanks for sharing this, Nan!

  14. wonderful quote from a delightful artist - love her stuff.

  15. Great quote. And somehow it seems easier to find joy and inspiration now that the days are longer and there is more sun!

  16. Margaret, she is probably better known over here for her cookbooks and her art. I have one of her recipes posted here:

    Jodi, Les, Susan - I really like this one and try to live by it.

    Commonweeder, haven't we had a lot of sunny days recently!


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